Mortgage Protection Insurance

life insurance for mortgage

Mortgage protection Insurance (which should not be confused with Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance, which is cover that will carry on making your mortgage payments in the event of a non-fatal loss of income) is a policy whereby whatever sum remains owing on a mortgage is paid off in full in the event of death. If a joint […]

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Life Insurance for Nurses

For Nurses

Many nurses will find that as part of their employment benefits package they have a death in service life insurance clause, which will usually mean that a multiple of your salary will be payed out to you beneficiaries on the event of your death.  This is great because Nurses form the backbone of the medical service, in […]

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Life Insurance Advice

Life Insurance hand

Everybody wants to make sure that their loved ones will be taken care of if the worst should happen, but with so many insurance providers out there, and the vast range of policies available, where do you start? Should you have a whole of life or a fixed term policy? Do you need mortgage protection? […]

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Life Insurance with Kidney Disease

High Blood Pressure Life Insurance

Kidney disease presents few symptoms in it’s early stages, and so is very often in an advanced state before it is diagnosed; it can lead to renal failure, which requires dialysis. There may be associated medical complications and issues caused by the complaint. People who suffer from kidney disease are usually considered by life insurance […]

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Life Insurance with a Heart Condition

Heart Disease Life Insurance

Heart conditions are responsible for a quarter of all deaths in the UK, so being diagnosed with a heart problem can be a serious and life-changing situation to be faced with. People who have had a heart attack, heart surgery, or suffer from heart conditions are generally considered by insurance providers to be high risk. For […]

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Life Insurance For Pilots

female military helicopter pilot

Flying aircraft’s as a hobby or as a profession can be very rewarding, but there are always certain risks involved, which are recognised by life insurance providers. There is a whole range of different types of flying, which all have their own inherent risk factors. For instance, a commercial airline pilot would have comparatively low […]

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Cancer Life Insurance

cancer patient

For those trying to obtain life insurance, cancer can be a factor affecting cost – life insurance for cancer survivors can be higher than normal due to the increased risk of the illness returning. There are many different forms of cancer that can affect different parts of a person’s body; some are more complex to […]

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What Happens to my Life Insurance When I get Married?

Gary Das and Ayesha Das wedding picture

Anyone who is thinking about getting married is probably thinking about joining their lives with their future spouse in as many ways as possible. There are many different considerations associated with getting married, and one of those things is life insurance. If either partner already has life insurance, they will have to decide what to do […]

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Choosing the Best Life Insurance

calculator workings out

Getting life insurance that covers a couple or just one person can be a good way to guard against future hardships. Whether it is for the death benefit the policy brings or the assurance of stable living for your dependants for the years to come, getting one which fits your needs just right is necessary. Choosing the […]

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How to Save on Life Insurance

Whole of Life Insurance

Many people feel that they simply can’t afford life insurance, believing that it is just an added expense for something they may not ever need. However, getting and keeping life insurance is important to ensure dependants will remain financially secure if the worst should happen.  It is possible to save money and get cheap life […]

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