How will a poor credit rating affect my mortgage application?

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Raising a mortgage can be nigh-on impossible for people with poor credit scores whether you are employed or self-employed. Many lenders’ criteria are set to either completely exclude you from their process or offer extremely unattractive rates. Do not, however, be disheartened as there may still be hope, depending on your circumstances. A good credit […]

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What do lenders look for with my earnings?

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Whether you are employed or self-employed, mortgage lenders are going to go through your bank statements with a fine tooth-comb. Here are some of the main things they will be looking out for in your earnings, and some tips on how to get ready in advance. Your income, expenses, money managing skills and future predictability […]

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How much can I borrow?

how much can i borrow mortgage self-employed

When you start house-hunting, one of the first questions you will need to ask is, “how much can I borrow?”. Unfortunately there’s no simple answer. Every mortgage lender uses a different set of criteria to assess your application which means the amount you can borrow can differ. This isn’t helpful, especially when you need to […]

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7 things Self-Employed people can do to get a mortgage

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Getting a mortgage when you’re self-employed can be tough if you aren’t armed with the tools you need to fight the lenders. Traditional banks often don’t seem interested in many of the things that make you a viable borrower. We understand your pain and have compiled 7 tips to help self-employed people like you secure […]

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I’m Self-Employed; can we get a mortgage?

married couple mortgage self-employed

Every week we get a new enquiry from someone worried because their income isn’t as simple as it would be if they were employed. We’re different and our answer is always the same: just because they or their partner is self-employed or they don’t fit the criteria of the big high-street lenders, that doesn’t mean they […]

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Who’s the best Self-Employed mortgage lender?

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Somebody asked me yesterday “what’s the best mortgage lender for me being Self-Employed, and who’s the worst lender to go with?” Really this just falls down to who’s going to offer you the cheapest and best possible interest rate. The best lender is the one that gives you the right amount of money that you […]

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How long does it take to get a mortgage?

clock time mortgage

Hello friends. A customer has just posed me a question: how long is all this mortgage malarkey going to take? I thought it would be easier to break it all down for everybody to understand, there’s a process to go through right from the beginning to the end. You want to buy your dream home […]

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Inheritance Tax and Probate Fees?!

Probate fees, assets left out, trust

Peter Walker recently reported for the Financial Times, that the Ministry of Justice had plans to introduce new probate fees. Fees that will really hit those homeowners with plenty of assets but little cash. If this is you, you’ll need to either raise the cash to pay off these fees, or hope your loved ones […]

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The best type of mortgage for the self-employed

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This week I’m making it crystal clear which mortgage types are which, and what one I prefer for myself… My favourite mortgage type is a fixed rate. With this option, you know where you stand. Your monthly payment will not change for the next x amount of years and they are generally cheaper than long […]

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Bank of England releases £150bn. What does this mean?

London sunset bank of england

Another possible signal of reduction in interest rates. The Bank of England has released the banks from a requirement to hold £5.7bn of capital as a protection against downturns. I want to put this into plain language and make it easy for people to digest. Basically, this will see that banks have more available funds… […]

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