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Top 5 Finance Calculators You Must Try

calculator workings out

Our top finance calculators are picked by our advisers here at Active Brokers so that you can do some of your own research before you head right into the insurance, property or business industries. From mortgage calculators to figuring out how much you need Critical Illness Insurance these calculators will give you the answers you […]

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How Does Inheritance Tax Work?

inheritance tax explained rules

Inheritance Tax. It’s one of the UK’s biggest taxes around, taking up to 40% of your money! It occurs when you pass away and leave a large amount of money behind for someone. Below we have answered some of the most asked questions about inheritance tax so that you can start thinking about how you […]

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Beginners Guide to Insurance Jargon

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Confused by the Insurance jargon? Don’t be put off! Life Insurance is too important to put aside because you can’t make heads or tails of it. We’ve compiled this handy list of some of the most basic Insurance terms that will see you through.

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