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Smart Finances 2016 – The Guide

2016 Finance Guide

As 2015 draws to a close, you’ll be thinking about Christmas, family and festivities. But at Active Brokers we’re already focused on how we can help you make 2016 a financially smart year for you. Our expert in-house advisers have drawn up these brilliant finance tips for 2016 so that you know how to save […]

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Stamp Duty: the death of Buy to Let?

Stamp Duty: the death of Buy to Let?

“If it’s the chancellor’s intention to completely eradicate buy-to-let in the UK then it’s a mystery to us why he doesn’t just come out and say so” is what Richard Lambert, chief executive of the National Landlords Associating told the BBC. This comes after Osborne’s announcement of an added surcharge on stamp duty in the […]

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Basildon: Best Choice for Commuters

Basildon housing market mortgage

While Chelmsford is the home of Active Brokers and a very popular area of Essex, Basildon is increasingly becoming a highly sought out place to live. We take a look at what’s so attractive about this area, what it has over Chelmsford, and how Active Brokers can help you to find the right mortgage on […]

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Military Insurance – Remembrance 2015

female military helicopter pilot

To commemorate Remembrance day 2015 we’ve gone through and explained how the insurance industry can help those who served in the military, those currently serving and those planning to serve for our country in the future through military insurance. We’ve had a fair amount of veterans and people currently serving in the forces contact Active Brokers, […]

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Life Insurance – Why do I need it?

life insurance why

Life Insurance has long been at the heart of Active Brokers, way before we ventured into commercial insurance, mortgages and health insurance, Life Insurance was what brought us into the industry. It’s still surprising how many people we speak to who don’t fully understand what this product can do for them, and how it can change […]

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Tax Tax Tax – Active Brokers Explain

money tax advice finance

It seems that lately tax is on a loop in the news, from corporations to healthy critics bringing up tax for debate. So what’s changed? Below we’ve had a look at some of the top interesting, worrying or bizarre tax stories of the past month or so, starting with the scandalous goings on with Facebook […]

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Buy to Let Tips from the Experts

buy to let tips hints

The buy to let market is still thriving in the UK, and if you’ve read some of our other blog posts about the housing market at the moment then you’ll realise that perhaps you should get into it now! Especially in our local area of Chelmsford where house prices are rising as the area becomes […]

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Top 5 Finance Calculators You Must Try

calculator workings out

Our top finance calculators are picked by our advisers here at Active Brokers so that you can do some of your own research before you head right into the insurance, property or business industries. From mortgage calculators to figuring out how much you need Critical Illness Insurance these calculators will give you the answers you […]

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How Does Inheritance Tax Work?

inheritance tax explained rules

Inheritance Tax. It’s one of the UK’s biggest taxes around, taking up to 40% of your money! It occurs when you pass away and leave a large amount of money behind for someone. Below we have answered some of the most asked questions about inheritance tax so that you can start thinking about how you […]

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Insurance Premium Tax Rate Change

insurance premium tax ipt

Did you know that the insurance tax on your premiums will be going up in November 2015? The annual change has seen a rate rise in the previous few years, but there’s something different happening this year. HMRC are declaring a transitional period allowing brokers and insurers to adjust to the new higher rate. Read […]

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