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Inheritance Tax and Probate Fees?!

Probate fees, assets left out, trust

Peter Walker recently reported for the Financial Times, that the Ministry of Justice had plans to introduce new probate fees. Fees that will really hit those homeowners with plenty of assets but little cash. If this is you, you’ll need to either raise the cash to pay off these fees, or hope your loved ones […]

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The Value of Critical Illness Insurance

ed body builder life insurance

From 18 stone bodybuilder to life changing major back surgery followed by 12 months in a wheel chair… would you believe this is my best friend and he is now mortgage free? This is my best friend, he was usher at my wedding and his accident was completely out of the blue, luckily he had critical […]

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Types of Life Insurance

types of life insurance

There are several different types of Life Insurance that are available to you: they’re not all as complex as they sound. Below we’ve created a quick guide to the main types of Life Insurance that are available to you, but bear in mind that your own policy will be specifically customised to your circumstances. Contacting […]

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Smart Finances 2016 – The Guide

2016 Finance Guide

As 2015 draws to a close, you’ll be thinking about Christmas, family and festivities. But at Active Brokers we’re already focused on how we can help you make 2016 a financially smart year for you. Our expert in-house advisers have drawn up these brilliant finance tips for 2016 so that you know how to save […]

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Military Insurance – Remembrance 2015

female military helicopter pilot

To commemorate Remembrance day 2015 we’ve gone through and explained how the insurance industry can help those who served in the military, those currently serving and those planning to serve for our country in the future through military insurance. We’ve had a fair amount of veterans and people currently serving in the forces contact Active Brokers, […]

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Life Insurance – Why do I need it?

life insurance why

Life Insurance has long been at the heart of Active Brokers, way before we ventured into commercial insurance, mortgages and health insurance, Life Insurance was what brought us into the industry. It’s still surprising how many people we speak to who don’t fully understand what this product can do for them, and how it can change […]

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How Does Inheritance Tax Work?

inheritance tax explained rules

Inheritance Tax. It’s one of the UK’s biggest taxes around, taking up to 40% of your money! It occurs when you pass away and leave a large amount of money behind for someone. Below we have answered some of the most asked questions about inheritance tax so that you can start thinking about how you […]

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Critical Illness Cover – Why bother?

Critical Illness Cover life insurance

Why bother with Critical Illness Cover? You wouldn’t be the first to ask this question. You might believe that because you have enough savings or a great Life Insurance policy in place you don’t need Critical Illness Cover as well. You could be wrong. Read below our quick summary of what Critical Illness Cover is […]

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Costs of Living – Why you need Life Insurance

Here’s our amazing infographic making it clear once and for all just how much you need Life Insurance. Take a look below to see the average costs of living, from raising a child to paying the monthly bills. You can contact Active Brokers directly on 01245 850 150 or read more about what Life Insurance […]

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Budget 2015: Insurance Industry Changes

Insurance Budget Changes 2015

It’s not been long since the summer budget was announced by the Conservative government, but we’re already starting to see some of the affects of this on the Insurance and financial industry. Below we’ve outlined some of the biggest Insurance Industry changes and how they could be affecting the average UK household and your wallet. […]

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