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Choosing the Best Life Insurance

calculator workings out

Getting life insurance that covers a couple or just one person can be a good way to guard against future hardships. Whether it is for the death benefit the policy brings or the assurance of stable living for your dependants for the years to come, getting one which fits your needs just right is necessary. Choosing the […]

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How to Save on Life Insurance

Whole of Life Insurance

Many people feel that they simply can’t afford life insurance, believing that it is just an added expense for something they may not ever need. However, getting and keeping life insurance is important to ensure dependants will remain financially secure if the worst should happen.  It is possible to save money and get cheap life […]

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When Should I Update My Life Insurance Policy?

family update life insurance

People have many reasons to update life insurance policies for themselves and their families. Life can change dramatically after first purchasing a life insurance policy and policies must be reviewed and possibly amended to reflect those changes. Consumers must contact their life insurance companies (or come straight to Active Brokers if you are an existing client) if […]

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Should I Buy Life Insurance to Pay off my Home?

Home Insurance

A mortgage loan is a major expense.  Along with car loans, mortgages are quite often the largest expenses one can take on throughout their lifetime. It is crucial that an individual with any one of these financial obligations take responsibility for these commitments and not burden their family members with an expensive mortgage, loans, car […]

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What Is Health Insurance? Private Health Insurance Benefits

Health Insurance

The NHS provides for everyone that needs medical help in the UK. However, private health insurance gives peace of mind in knowing that if you require medical treatment, long waiting lists need not be a concern. You can retain a greater degree of choice for your treatment and the issues that surround it. There are […]

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What is Critical Illness Cover? Understanding Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Cover

Where life insurance is there to cover a person in the event of death, Critical Illness Cover provides peace of mind for a person living through a serious illness. If you were ever diagnosed with a serious, life-threatening illness, money is usually the last thing on your mind. However, it is very important to understand the […]

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Understanding Mortgage Life Insurance

life insurance for mortgage

Ever sat at home dreaming of your perfect day spent on the web, searching for Mortgage Life Insurance? No. Well, that’s not much of a surprise is it. The words ‘mortgage’ and ‘insurance’ rarely excite anyone.  But you do need it. You need to understand it, you need to evaluate how much you need… but […]

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Understanding Life Insurance

Understanding Life Insurance

We, as fellow human beings, understand that death is not a subject anyone likes to think about. But you need to be prepared. Think of your family. Think of those you are leaving behind and what might befall them without the financial stability you currently provide for them. Understanding Life Insurance is a must. Thinking […]

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