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I’m Self-Employed; can we get a mortgage?

married couple mortgage self-employed

Every week we get a new enquiry from someone worried because their income isn’t as simple as it would be if they were employed. We’re different and our answer is always the same: just because they or their partner is self-employed or they don’t fit the criteria of the big high-street lenders, that doesn’t mean they […]

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Who’s the best Self-Employed mortgage lender?

circle vents home mortgage self employed lender

Somebody asked me yesterday “what’s the best mortgage lender for me being Self-Employed, and who’s the worst lender to go with?” Really this just falls down to who’s going to offer you the cheapest and best possible interest rate. The best lender is the one that gives you the right amount of money that you […]

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How long does it take to get a mortgage?

clock time mortgage

Hello friends. A customer has just posed me a question: how long is all this mortgage malarkey going to take? I thought it would be easier to break it all down for everybody to understand, there’s a process to go through right from the beginning to the end. You want to buy your dream home […]

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The best type of mortgage for the self-employed

white house flowers mortgage self-employed

This week I’m making it crystal clear which mortgage types are which, and what one I prefer for myself… My favourite mortgage type is a fixed rate. With this option, you know where you stand. Your monthly payment will not change for the next x amount of years and they are generally cheaper than long […]

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Osborne pledges to cut corporation tax

London corporation tax

Osborne stated in the Financial Times: “we must focus on the horizon and the journey ahead and make the most of the hand we’ve been dealt.” New plans to cut corporation tax from Osborne. They come a week after he said he would abandon a budget surplus by 2020. What is it? Corporation tax is taken […]

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Will I get higher rates because I’m self-employed?

higher mortgage rates yellow windows

Will I get higher mortgage rates because I’m self-employed? The blunt answer is no. No, you will not have to pay higher rates. You get the same mortgages and the same interest rates as everyone else, however different lenders/banks cater for different people and circumstances. One lender might be awesome for your 9-5 employed friends, […]

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How to avoid the BIGGEST mistake of self-employed mortgages

biggest self-employed mortgage mistake

You’re self-employed. Maybe you’re a solo-entrepreneur or running a business with 3+ employees. Either way, you’re putting in the hard work to do things your way and provide for your family… and you’re about to make a huge mistake when you apply for a mortgage. I’m going to outline it all for you, plain and […]

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Santander Struggles – Customer Story

red house mortgage santander

The message of this story? I don’t take no for an answer. Mortgage lenders need to be pressed. What one broker couldn’t do, Lauren and I could. Where most brokers give up we do not, we love the challenge and the satisfaction of getting the job done. Santander are a great lender for self-employed individuals, however their processes […]

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Mortgage Success for Joe & Sarah (King of the Booth)

king of the booth mortgage self employed

I received a recommendation to help Joe and Sarah who own and run King of the Booth. 3 months later and they have the mortgage they were desperate for. If you want to talk to the self-employed mortgage expert, you can find me, Gary Das, here on facebook. Here’s Joe and Sarah’s story. Joe and […]

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What Happened to Self-Cert Mortgages?

self-cert mortgages uk street

Every week we get enquiries here at Active Brokers from self-employed people desperately searching for self-cert mortgages, we always help them in the best way we can: explain why so called ‘liar loans’ are no longer an option, and advise them what they need to do to get the mortgage they are hunting for. What […]

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