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Santander Struggles – Customer Story

red house mortgage santander

The message of this story? I don’t take no for an answer. Mortgage lenders need to be pressed. What one broker couldn’t do, Lauren and I could. Where most brokers give up we do not, we love the challenge and the satisfaction of getting the job done. Santander are a great lender for self-employed individuals, however their processes […]

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Mortgage Success for Joe & Sarah (King of the Booth)

king of the booth mortgage self employed

I received a recommendation to help Joe and Sarah who own and run King of the Booth. 3 months later and they have the mortgage they were desperate for. If you want to talk to the self-employed mortgage expert, you can find me, Gary Das, here on facebook. Here’s Joe and Sarah’s story. Joe and […]

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What Happened to Self-Cert Mortgages?

self-cert mortgages uk street

Every week we get enquiries here at Active Brokers from self-employed people desperately searching for self-cert mortgages, we always help them in the best way we can: explain why so called ‘liar loans’ are no longer an option, and advise them what they need to do to get the mortgage they are hunting for. What […]

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Getting Proof of Income – Self-Employed Mortgages

Self-employed man looks at laptop

Since the new year our refocus on self-employed individuals and their mortgages has really taken off, we’re helping so many people find the mortgage/s they need to suit their circumstances whether re-mortgaging, purchasing, buy to let or even using a large portfolio of properties as security against an existing mortgage when there is no guaranteed […]

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Business Strategy 2016 – Reduce Sick Leave

business strategy 2016: reduce sick leave

While we’re only 6 days into 2016, Active Brokers had been busy preparing for the New Year since early December. We’re excited to announce new systems, goals and a business strategy coming into play. We’ve had a busy year expanding into mortgages, commercial and business insurance. Along the way we’ve picked up a lot of tips that you […]

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How Does Inheritance Tax Work?

inheritance tax explained rules

Inheritance Tax. It’s one of the UK’s biggest taxes around, taking up to 40% of your money! It occurs when you pass away and leave a large amount of money behind for someone. Below we have answered some of the most asked questions about inheritance tax so that you can start thinking about how you […]

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Budget 2015: Insurance Industry Changes

Insurance Budget Changes 2015

It’s not been long since the summer budget was announced by the Conservative government, but we’re already starting to see some of the affects of this on the Insurance and financial industry. Below we’ve outlined some of the biggest Insurance Industry changes and how they could be affecting the average UK household and your wallet. […]

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Why SMEs Should Use a Broker

For Employees

As a small or medium sized enterprise, it’s understandable that insuring your business is vital to a secure financial future. But often this process is even more long and tiresome than finding Life Insurance, so by using a broker you can cut out any unnecessary hassle and stress as we take care of all of […]

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