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Arranging mortgages for the Self-Employed

When you are self-employed, arranging a mortgage can be difficult at the best of times. Without the proper advice you can be left drifting, unable to find the right mortgage deal for you. If you have already approached a lender, you’ll probably have experienced the frustration of dealing with people who just don’t understand what it’s like being Self-Employed.

We provide services for


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  • Residential
  • Buy To Let
  • Commercial
  • Development
  • Bridging Loans

Life Insurance

life insurance gary das active brokers
  • Mortgage Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Income Protection
  • Home Insurance
  • Landlord Insurance

Commercial Insurance

commercial insurance gary das active brokers
  • Key Man Insurance
  • Shareholder Protection
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Fleet Insurance

Getting your dream home can become a reality

I’m Gary Das and I am self-employed just like you, as company director of Active Brokers. I know first-hand the difficulty in getting a mortgage while being self-employed, I struggled as well. In fact the hardest mortgage case I’ve had to arrange by far was my own. I understand what you’re going through… but I have some good news.

Getting your dream home can become a reality.

Now I have the privilege of helping people like us every single day. You need a quick and stress-free service to get you into the home of your dreams efficiently. With the right process and knowledge, it becomes easy finding you a mortgage in the way only a self-employed mortgage broker can. That’s what makes us different – we will never say no to helping self-employed people.

A bit about Active Brokers

We are independent mortgage brokers who specialise in helping the self-employed, including Ltd Company Owners, Sole Traders and Entrepreneurs.

You’ll be assigned your own self-employed mortgage adviser and administrator who will help you with your mortgage and all future financial enquiries. We work hard to guide you through the application process and beyond using our unique ACTIVE framework. This framework has been specifically designed to help people like you get into your dream home hassle free.

It wasn’t the easiest process getting Active Brokers to where we are now. In 2015 Gary wanted to move home. As a company director and his wife, Ayesha, being a sole trader, Gary approached his existing lender. He felt anger and frustration because he could not borrow any more than his current mortgage due to the way the banks assess our income.

He spent hours speaking to banks and mortgage lenders, researching their criteria so he could learn how to fit affordability and get the best terms for himself and now you too.

What he learned is that the key to owning your dream home lies in the preparation. He put together his very own ACTIVE framework so that all self-employed individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs can experience the same success and avoid the stress he felt. Now we are the experts, ready to help every self-employed person beat the lenders and find their dream home.

The benefits of working with Active Brokers

  • You’ll have your own dedicated adviser and administrator who know what it’s like being Self-Employed.
  • We offer a hassle free process, where we speak directly with the lenders and take care of every step for you.
  • All your questions and concerns will be answered clearly by professional, certified advisers.
  • You receive reliable mortgage and insurance advice from a trusted adviser for life.
  • You get the home of your dreams!

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