News Round-Up

A Nightmare on Dairy Street

I know what you’re thinking; a lot of spilt milk. But no one here has been crying over it.

With the Active Brokers office being haunted by the early curse of Halloween, we’ve been picked off one by one by horrific happenings:

Gary's Finger

Gary’s Gory Finger



  • Monday – Trauma at the head desk as Director Gary Das slices finger to the bone on evil plate (but the superman cup lives on to see another day).



Lauren's Mum

Lauren’s Mum at the hospital




  • Tuesday – Hate the hospital? So does our Post-Sale Supervisor after a family member was taken into hospital due to kidney complications… but don’t worry, she’s still full of beans.



Ouch! Broken toes here





  • Wednesday – Evil holds no bounds as Wednesday brings broken bones to even the children of the Active team.


Laura's Car

Dents in Laura’s Car




  • Thursday – Disaster continues to drive itself into the office as our newest member of the team Laura, is struck by some monster motoring on the way to work.







  • Friday – October chills are setting in, are your teeth chattering yet? Our Insurance Manager/Medical Specialist Jake’s definitely are as he prepares to lose the wisdom of his mouth but not of his mind.



The Silver Lining

You’ll be glad to hear that the happy Active Team has prevailed through these troubled times and is keeping up 100% customer satisfaction after assisting 31 new customers over last week.

Jon's Baby

Jon’s Baby



A baby is born – congratulations are in order for Jon on the newest addition to his family.




Chicken and Rice

Chicken and rice at 7am!



Chicken and rice is making a comeback as Gary’s oldest feasts on it at 7am after sleeping for only 2 hours.






Check back next week to find out more about the team behind Chelmsford’s Active Brokers.

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