You’re self-employed, just like we are, and you’re bound to go through all the struggles we see self-employed people face every single day when they want a mortgage.

When getting your dream home is your ultimate aim, you need to find the perfect lender to make it affordable for you. That’s not easy.

Except it doesn’t have to be a struggle. We’re all about making things quick, simple and efficient for you. We’re dedicated to getting self-employed people into the dream homes they deserve.

We are Active Brokers

If you’re a business owner like the majority of our clients, or a sole trader, it’s highly likely that you don’t have the time or expertise to find a perfect mortgage for yourself. If you have tried to approach a lender by yourself, then you’ll have realised just how difficult it is to find acceptance when you’re self-employed.

We are the self-employed mortgage experts, here to help you.

In 2016 we helped 122 customers complete the mortgage process successfully.

You can get valuable advice, guidance and an actionable mortgage strategy with our assistance. We’re regulated and qualified mortgage brokers ready to assist you no matter your circumstances.

Gary's Story

"My name is Gary Das, husband, father of 2 young daughters, and proud business owner. I am a fitness fanatic. You can find me in the gym early morning, exercising 5 times a week."

Nothing brings me greater pleasure than having a great work/life balance. My family, friends and business mean the world to me.

I have been qualified to provide mortgage advice since 2002. I started my career at the Woolwich Building Society. This was where I passed my Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) exams.

On the 8th of October 2008, I became Active Brokers Limited, to have more control over my future.

Growing up with an inspirational father (and mentor) who has been self-employed for over 40 years was certainly a contributing factor to going it alone. Within my first 12 months of self-employment, I met my wife, Ayesha. 8 years on we have 2 children, Amelie and Willow.

My goal is to make them proud and with their support I work hard to give them all financial security and the best possible future.

My own mortgage struggles

I battled through everything you’re about to face.

Chelmsford, Essex had seen significant increases in property values and with Amelie starting school in September 2016, Ayesha and I decided it was a good time to move home in June 2015. I approached my existing lender at Cambridge and was surprised with the outcome. Cambridge would only lend us half of what we really wanted for our forever home, with Ayesha being a sole trader as well, they would only assess our personal income. I got so frustrated and angry because Active Brokers had a good profit year and they wouldn’t take this into consideration.

In the end I gave up with them.  I took to my mortgage sourcing system and began contacting every lender to find an adequate mortgage that would allow us to purchase our dream home. This was along and frustrating process because 95% of lenders use the same methods as Cambridge.  I found 5 lenders that would consider using my net profit in my business.

After considering the interest rate, the amount they would lend and my tax bill – I had a winning lender. And they said “yes”. I was able to move my family to our dream home in October 2015 and for the next 15+ years while our girls go through school. We are very happy and content. This makes it easy for me to focus on my business.

And that’s why we’re self-employed mortgage experts

Helping self-employed people, sole traders, business owners and entrepreneurs beat the lenders is my goal. Every mortgage application is a chance for us to help you fight the lenders to get a mortgage.

I’ve faced the same issues you will face, and came out victorious. All the answers you need to get the property of your dreams are within reach, and I will help you find them.

The Active Brokers team is ready to answer all your questions, everyone is either self-employed like us, or trained personally by me to understand exactly how to help you.

You need our help, and it couldn’t be easier to get it.

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Here’s just some of the people I’ve helped so far…

Jodie Robinson                 

We came across active brokers after being recommended by a family friend and could not have been any happier with the service. With this being our first property purchase we were a little worried about the process and not knowing what to expect. After being introduced to a very helpful and understanding adviser Gary, we talked over our finances and was reassured that finding a mortgage to suit our needs wasn’t going to be a problem. Gary Das managed to make the whole process from start to finish a stress free experience also getting us a great rate at the same time. Any concerns we had were answered in a professional yet reassuring manner and we were made to feel like Active Brokers really cared.

So for anyone looking for a friendly, helpful and efficient service, then Active Brokers are the right people for you. Thank you

Tom Collins
IT Analyst & Sam Haldane – Trainee Solicitor

At the start of our house buying process we had meetings with several different mortgage advisors and was then introduce to Active Brokers via a recommendation from a friend. The initial contact was with Gary Das, who explained the process to us and demonstrated how Active Brokers could help guide us through the whole mortgage application. Gary Das was extremely helpful and was able to answer all of our questions and concerns in a prompt and professional manner with additional advice and recommendations. Furthermore, Lauren Tilly was also a key contact during the mortgage application process, keeping us up to date with the latest information regarding our application and is current status.

The overall experience with Active Brokers was very easy and satisfying, our application moved forward very well with the full support of Gary and his team. Active Brokers was our choice adviser as they provided very professional advice and would often check in with us to make sure that we was still on track and really added a personal touch to the whole experience. I can confidently state that we would recommend Active Brokers to any friends or family looking for a professional, helpful and efficient mortgage advisor.