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Basildon: Best Choice for Commuters

While Chelmsford is the home of Active Brokers and a very popular area of Essex, Basildon is increasingly becoming a highly sought out place to live. We take a look at what’s so attractive about this area, what it has over Chelmsford, and how Active Brokers can help you to find the right mortgage on a property here.

Living in Basildon – Housing

Apart from the large amount of social housing that dots Basildon, the majority that has been for sale in the past year has been terraced property, with flats coming in with slightly more sales in a couple of months across the year.

Compared to the average house prices across England, a detached or semi detached property in Basildon will cost you more, while terraced property and flats will cost you considerably less than the average price (accurate as of 24/11/2015). This is good news! Essex as a whole has seen increasing property prices everywhere, but Basildon remains an affordable haven for locals and commuters looking to enjoy the fresh air away from London.

basildon housing prices statistics graph

Handy graph showing all property sold within 3 miles of the centre of Basildon, as recorded by the Land Registry and put together by

For the complete data on sales on Basildon property, you can go here.

Who wants to live here?

Basildon has been named the most affordable place for London commuters to live away from the city, possibly accounting for the sudden increase in flat sales over the past year. Only a 35 minute train ride to London’s Fenchurch Street, this location is perfect for those who want to live away from the noise of London while never being too far away from the office.

A few quotes from an Echo-News article:

“You have far better shops than ten years ago, the town centre is picking up and the regeneration plans in place are superb.” – Hans Wustefeld, Manager Of Basildon Town Centre Management

“We’ve had a lot of success selling our properties in Acacia Park, in Gloucester Park. I think an attraction for people to the town is its excellent road links.” – Jason Colmer, Sales and Marketing Director at Barratt Homes

Basildon Benefits

Among the concrete centre of the town you’ll find plenty to do and see, but if it’s the calming nature you’re looking for that can’t be found in London, you won’t have to travel far to find that peace of mind. With close links to leisure and shopping facilities in Chelmsford, and the sea front in Southend, Basildon is the optimum location in Essex.

To be fair and honest, Basildon is far from having the charm and character of many other picture perfect Essex cities and villages. But it certainly has community, and as a good, reasonably priced location we definitely recommend checking it out if you’re looking to escape London.

Getting a Mortgage in Basildon

Active Brokers is located in Chelmsford, only 17 miles away down the A130 from Basildon: we’ll definitely be meeting you face to face! As a mortgage broker we can arrange your entire mortgage application for you, taking away the stress and hassle so you can focus on your move into your new home. Operating across Essex we know the area well, we can guide you with excellent high quality advice tailored to you.

Call us directly to talk to one of our mortgage advisers or fill in an application form for us to call you at a time that’s convenient. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us, or just type your question in the contact chat box on every page on our website!

A bit about Basildon…

The ‘new town’ Basildon we know today was largely formed in the 1950s, made up of a mass of concrete blocks amongst the existing old roads connecting the existing villages. Located between Southend and Chelmsford, with strong connections to London, this is a good place as any to choose to live in Essex.

General redevelopment of the area over past years has seen a rise in interest in this area, with new housing developments such as Acacia Park and Morello Quarter in Cherrydown East bringing Basildon out of the 1950s and into the 21st century.

The majority of property sold in Basildon over the past year has been terraced houses, but the number of flats sold has increased the most rapidly.