business strategy 2016: reduce sick leave

Business Strategy 2016 – Reduce Sick Leave

While we’re only 6 days into 2016, Active Brokers had been busy preparing for the New Year since early December. We’re excited to announce new systems, goals and a business strategy coming into play. We’ve had a busy year expanding into mortgages, commercial and business insurance. Along the way we’ve picked up a lot of tips that you can use to make 2016 more efficient for your business too.

To help you we’ve written this short business strategy to help you in 2016, and a few tips on how to reduce sick leave in your business.


Business Strategy

Active Brokers deal with businesses daily, helping them to get the right protection in place. Thus we’ve pulled together some of the best insurances around that we believe should be in your 2016 business strategy. Knowing that the basic essentials needed to run your business in 2016 will be securely covered will give you greater freedom to run and improve the business over the year.

Keyman Insurance

Keyman Insurance, an important policy for you if your business relies on key individuals to keep you afloat. The crucial people in your business (this may be an owner, a founder or even a key couple of employees) who are needed to bring in the income that keeps your business going, or the people that hold everything together, should be insured. Without this Keyman Insurance you could potentially be leaving your business at risk if they are ever to leave, die or become ill. Different policies will give different levels of cover, and with this very specific insurance you can be sure that only the people that matter get the cover you decide.

Shareholder Protection

Shareholder Protection is available to help you keep control of your business if a shareholder is victim to a serious illness or even dies. This means that in 2016 you can have the peace of mind knowing that your business is secure for you and your employees no matter what happens to business partners or shareholders. Find out more about this cover by giving us a call: we’re here to help you arrange all your commercial finances.


Reduce Sick Leave In Your Business

With these top tips to keep your employees happy and healthy, you should hopefully find that 2016 becomes the year of efficiency for your business!

fitness can reduce sick leave and increase productivity

Active Brokers at a Spartan race 2015 – part of our business strategy last year.

Healthy Living

Offering your employees a range of health options and activities to help them stay fit, healthy and stress free at work can really benefit you when it saves you money. The fitter and healthier your staff are, the better their immune systems, meaning you can reduce sick leave and increase productivity. Furthermore, your employees will benefit from increased motivation and better mental health; increasing work efficiency. It’s all proven science, better health means better workers.

Healthy eating at work leads to increased productivity.

Increased productivity on days of exercise.

Group Income Protection

Various group income protection schemes are designed to offer incentives for your workers to get back into work as soon as they are able and healthy. It’s a win win and can make sure this year is the first of many for building trust between yourself and your valued employees, as well as reducing sick leave in your business

Group Income Protection provides a replacement income and other services so that your employees will be covered if they are to suffer a long-term illness or injury. Not only will this make your company more attractive to potential new employees, but it offers some peace of mind to your current workers. Why is this going to benefit your business in 2016? Happy, comfortable employees are going to work harder, and they’re less likely to abandon your company in times of need.

Health Insurance

There are health insurance schemes available for you and your employees, if you wish to offer even more protection for your staff: make them feel comfortable working for you. Increase employee loyalty and build trust within your company to strengthen you in 2016.

With a health insurance scheme your employees will benefit from the health cover they need at a discounted price, or even completely free of charge. With this policy you can make sure that your employees get any private health care treatment they could need, getting them back to work quickly.

Active Brokers wishes you and your business the best of luck for 2016, with our help you can be confident that your business strategy is pushing you towards continued success.

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