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How to Choose the Perfect Property

Active Brokers blog how to choose the perfect property Gary Das

House prices are climbing. With the demand for properties rising and the supply of new build homes still falling short, quality homes are scarce. Many houses don’t linger on the market for long – so when you stumble over a great-looking home, how do you quickly decide that it’s the right property for you before […]

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Inheritance Tax and Probate Fees?!

Probate fees, assets left out, trust

Peter Walker recently reported for the Financial Times, that the Ministry of Justice had plans to introduce new probate fees. Fees that will really hit those homeowners with plenty of assets but little cash. If this is you, you’ll need to either raise the cash to pay off these fees, or hope your loved ones […]

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Bank of England releases £150bn. What does this mean?

London sunset bank of england

Another possible signal of reduction in interest rates. The Bank of England has released the banks from a requirement to hold £5.7bn of capital as a protection against downturns. I want to put this into plain language and make it easy for people to digest. Basically, this will see that banks have more available funds… […]

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Mortgage Success for Joe & Sarah (King of the Booth)

king of the booth mortgage self employed

I received a recommendation to help Joe and Sarah who own and run King of the Booth. 3 months later and they have the mortgage they were desperate for. If you want to talk to the self-employed mortgage expert, you can find me, Gary Das, here on facebook. Here’s Joe and Sarah’s story. Joe and […]

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Types of Life Insurance

types of life insurance

There are several different types of Life Insurance that are available to you: they’re not all as complex as they sound. Below we’ve created a quick guide to the main types of Life Insurance that are available to you, but bear in mind that your own policy will be specifically customised to your circumstances. Contacting […]

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What Happened to Self-Cert Mortgages?

self-cert mortgages uk street

Every week we get enquiries here at Active Brokers from self-employed people desperately searching for self-cert mortgages, we always help them in the best way we can: explain why so called ‘liar loans’ are no longer an option, and advise them what they need to do to get the mortgage they are hunting for. What […]

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Getting Proof of Income – Self-Employed Mortgages

Self-employed man looks at laptop

Since the new year our refocus on self-employed individuals and their mortgages has really taken off, we’re helping so many people find the mortgage/s they need to suit their circumstances whether re-mortgaging, purchasing, buy to let or even using a large portfolio of properties as security against an existing mortgage when there is no guaranteed […]

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