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How Much Would Iron Man’s Life Insurance Cost?

How Much Would Iron Man’s Life Insurance Cost?

Here at Active Brokers we think that Life Insurance is Big Deal, but we know that the everyday person often struggles to understand exactly what goes into a life insurance policy and what lifestyle activities affect how much you pay towards your policy. With Marvels Avengers: Age of Ulton in the cinemas now, we thought […]

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NHS Fails to Support Cancer Patients

Week in Review – 13th April 2015

“‘Outrage’ at NHS cancer drugs move” featured at the BBC earlier this week, as more drug companies remove their funds which allowed their treatments to be available on the NHS for many people suffering from serious cases of cancer. This will remove potentially life prolonging medicines to people suffering from severe forms of cancer, and could even reduce some people’s chances of surviving.

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Will Life Insurance Cover Me Abroad?

beach holiday sandals hat bag

Have you planned your 2015 holiday in the sun yet? Whether you’re thinking of going somewhere, or you’ve been booked for months, you need to know you’ll be covered in the case of an emergency. Will your insurance cover you? Most Life Insurance policies will not cover you once you’ve left the UK, with a few exceptions – can you be sure that everything will be fine on holiday? Are you really willing to take that risk?

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Half Price Gym Membership & Cinema Tickets with Life Insurance

Gym Fitness

Life Insurance policies with Active Brokers come with heavy discounts on your local gym membership. Don’t miss out on these great exclusive deals from Virgin Active and even Vue and Cineworld have deals on too!

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Mums – The Need for Life Insurance

For Mothers

Life Insurance for Mums- Aegon are encouraging mothers to discuss the worst possible future with their families: talking about it won’t make it any more likely to happen.

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Cheaper Life Insurance – Tricks of the Trade

For Fathers

Are you male? Did you take life insurance before December 2012? Then you could be paying too much for your life insurance…

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Living with Diabetes

Active Brokers | The Self Employed Mortgage Experts

As part of the Active Broker living with… range, we are delving into the condition diabetes and what it means to be living with this diagnosis in modern society.

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