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Let’s make getting a Self-Employed Mortgage easy

The credit crunch has changed the whole Self-Employed mortgage industry and In today’s market, I sometimes prefer to deal with clients my age, younger or someone who has had a mortgage post-2010 because they don’t remember “the good old days.”   Before 2008 we had a lovely method of verifying income called Self-Certification which basically meant […]

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How Your Self Employed Staff Could Get You Into Trouble

When your company is small and you’re moving from one-man-band into a properly structured company, it can be tempting to hire people who are Self Employed rather than making them employees of your own company. The main reason is not having to run payroll and take care of their taxes, sick pay and holiday entitlements. […]

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Is Overpaying Your Mortgage Worth It?

It’s a tempting thought to overpay your mortgage when you have some money to spare.  A lot of people do it and some claim to have saved £1000s in interest.  But is it really worth it? The Good Overpaying your mortgage can result in your mortgage being paid off quicker without reducing the term This […]

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Why You Should Never Get A Mortgage Without Home Insurance

It is not compulsory by law to have home insurance in the UK.  That being said, some mortgage providers will only lend subject to you taking out a valid insurance policy for the building.   Not all mortgage providers do that, and they usually only require you to have buildings insurance. In my opinion, everyone […]

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Protect yourself with Life Insurance

Life insurance is a type of insurance contract which pays out a lump sum to your husband/wife/civil partner and/or your dependents (depending on the way the policy is set up) should you pass away during the term of the contract. The cost of a policy is determined by a number of factors including your age, […]

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How your company could survive if your key people couldn’t work

What would happen to your company if tomorrow your office/workspace was burned down?  What would happen to your company if all of your key people were ill at the one time (or worse)? Do you have contingency plans should the worst happen?  If not, then you should really think about doing so. It’s called a […]

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The Pros and Cons of a Buy to Let Property v a Pension

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1 – Buy to lets Pros You make sure you are diversified into property Your capital is retained (unlike an annuity) There is good income opportunity as well as potential for growth Drawbacks Cost of buying Rental income is not guaranteed i.e. rental void Tax Maintenance of property and legal responsibilities Time taken to manage […]

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Tax Efficient Limited Company Director Mortgage

Active Brokers blog how to choose the perfect property Gary Das

As a company director wouldn’t you like to obtain a mortgage in the most tax efficient way possible? As a sole trader, you only have 1 option because mortgage lenders use your net profit before tax to calculate how much you can borrow. As a limited company director you will find a couple of options […]

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Buy to Let Remortgage

I had a customer looking to remortgage an existing buy to let who I found a better solution for. I managed to save the client £7,900 over 5 years and here is how… The clients approached me to remortgage their existing buy to let property as their current deal i.e. the fixed interest rate term […]

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Active Way To A Dream Home

This is the process we go through to get you your dream home.  It sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but we are more than happy to do as much of this for you as we can. Follow the Active Assessment Process Broker: Strategy call taking roughly 20-30 mins* Broker: Fact find […]

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