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Famous Movie Quotes Unravelled – The Insurance Edition

We don’t often hear about the Insurance industry in new film releases, and while ‘A Nightmare on Dairy Street’ is one of our most popular posts, we don’t see the movie adaptation of the Active office thriller anywhere on the horizon. But when insurance does make the big screen, is it always showing the real deal?

We take a look at some of biggest Insurance movie quotes to some of the most debated Insurance tweets out there. Are they really what they seem?

“Life Insurance pays off triple if you die on a business trip” Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club

Fight Club 1999

I’m afraid not. Most Insurance policies in the UK won’t pay you more money depending on how you die, unless you specifically request a policy that is tailored to pay different amounts depending on cause of death. Many policies will not pay out if you commit suicide within the first 12 months of the policy starting, but this would depend on the insurer.

Your employer may decide to take out Keyman Insurance on you if you are valuable to the business, but any money claimed from this would go to keeping your work afloat while the company keeps moving forward.

In the film, the narrator is flying home from a business trip when he meets Tyler Durden and the film really kicks off. The film would certainly lose a lot of appeal had Edward Norton really stressed the importance of Life Insurance, because unlike the carefree fictional life that Tyler Durden leads, you could very well need Life Insurance in the real world.


“There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?” Woody Allen

Active Brokers Christmas 2014

Team Active at Christmas 2014

First of all, seeing as no one who has experienced death has come back to tell us of the experience, how can we know if it’s worse than spending an evening with an Insurance salesman? And many of our advisers here at Active Brokers could show you how to enjoy a Friday night better than most. Our last Christmas work do was definitely a night to remember. A delicious stake at the Rare Cow restaurant in Writtle, followed by a night out in Chelmsford town.

As you can see in the picture, spending an evening with the Active team is far from being worse than death. Sorry Mr Allen, perhaps you should just stick to the movie industry, and spend your evenings safe indoors.


Would a transformer get Life Insurance or Car Insurance? – the ongoing twitter debate


Jetfire – Transformers 2009

We’ve observed countless amounts of trends, hashtags and debates on twitter, but this seems to be one of the most recurring questions of the past few months. Some people have attempted to answer, while others just jump on the bandwagon and retweet for further consideration.

So what would a transformer do when it came to getting insurance? As a species made of mechanical parts, a lot of people have automatically taken the car insurance side: but here’s why they’re wrong.

Are we forgetting Jetfire? The decepticon turned autobot plane that’s hibernating in the National Air and Space Museum? Car Insurance won’t usually stretch to planes, you’d need a specialist plane insurer for that. And as a species with a life force, surely they should be considered as people: people who would need Life Insurance?

Car Insurance works by paying the driver for any damage caused by accidents, helping to pay for any legal costs and to repair the actual motor. I don’t think we can say that Optimus Prime will ever have a driver, and neither will Bumblebee: could a car insurer itself if it had no driver? The answer is no, not really.

But Life Insurance on the other hand would be much more suited to the transformers way of life. The same would go for Critical Illness cover. These policies would be significantly important: would Sam be able to afford a new car should Bumblebee not survive the next decepticon attack? And what about Bumblebees comrads… they wouldn’t be able to claim if there was only car insurance policies available.

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