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Benign Brain Tumour / Meningioma Life Insurance

Life Insurance is the safety net. When you’re on your last legs, knowing that your loved ones will be protected and safe once you’ve passed on will give you a sense of peace and security. This is something all of us want to give to our family, that last gift… but many people find this a struggle when they have a medical history, or are currently suffering from, a benign brain tumour – like meningioma.

We understand that Life Insurance to someone with a brain tumour is just as important as it is to someone without a serious medical condition. You understand more than others that these unexpected things do happen to everyday people, and you need the right care and treatment for them. A Life Insurance policy is the care and treatment that will soothe your family while they are grieving over your loss; it pays out a sum of money to help them stay financially stable while they adjust to a life without your presence.

The exact cost of a Life Insurance policy for a person who is suffering from a benign brain tumour will be significantly higher than the price that someone who has recovered from a benign brain tumour, and much higher than what a person with no medical conditions will pay. This is where Active Brokers can help. We can take you through all the forms and help you find the best policy that will work around the brain tumour. The exact cost will depend on your age, any other medical conditions that you may have, and also your lifestyle: prices are higher if you are a smoker, or you lead a generally unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Your doctor or GP may be contacted for a full medical report – this is just to ensure that the exact price of your Life Insurance premiums will be accurate and based on professional advice.

Active Brokers have over 15 years of experience helping people with serious medical conditions find Life Insurance policies from the top insurers on the market. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction as we advise you on which policy will suit you best. We can then tailor the policy to suit your very specific needs, guiding you through the application process by taking care of all the forms and communication with the insurer for you. When you get a quote with Active Brokers you choose to relieve the stress and lift the weight off your shoulders, because you will know that the future of your loved ones is safe.

A little bit about Brain Tumours and Meningiomas

Benign brain tumours are noncancerous tumours that arise around the brain and spinal cord. Meningiomas are a specific type of brain tumour that is commonly noncancerous and found in the meninges membrane that surrounds the brain. These are generally low grade tumours, meaning they tend to be less harmful and slow growing: they are therefore unlikely to spread far.

The symptoms of these brain tumours will depend on the nature of the brain tumour. The symptoms may not arise at first as the tumour can be very slow growing, and the size of the brain tumour may not mean the symptoms are more severe. For example, if the brain tumour causes pressure on the part of your brain responsible for sight, you may be blinded while the tumour is there: the placing of the tumour will vary the severity and type of symptoms the patient might be experiencing.

The causes of brain tumours that are present at birth are usually down to abnormal development of the baby in the womb, but at older stages in life there are many different sources that could cause a brain tumour to develop. Some of these causes will be genetic; these generally cause gliomas (brain tumours of the glial tissue) which appear early on in life. Other possible causes include radiotherapy, even though this is still uncommon. On a similar note, it is speculated whether family history of brain tumours and exposure to certain chemicals throughout life will increase your chances of developing a tumour. Research is still being conducted into the effect of mobile phones on brain tumours, but so far no serious links have been found.

Treatments available for brain tumours generally come after surgery to remove the brain tumour. It is essential to have follow up treatment after surgery as some slow-growing tumours may grow back and potentially become cancerous – radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be used to treat brain tumours, but specialists will be able to advise you which treatment will be best for your specific circumstances. To learn more, talk to your doctor or GP. Alternatively, you can see more about how the NHS treats and diagnoses brain tumours here.