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COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Life Insurance

Life Insurance to you is ultimately security. It means that you can live in peace knowing that should anything happen to you, then your family will have some financial security to continue their lives with as less disruption as possible. By taking out Life Insurance you can be sure that your loved ones will be left safe with a sum of money in the event of you passing away.

As a sufferer of COPD you’ll realise more than others the need for Life Insurance as a way of ensuring peace of mind, knowing that because of your life insurance, your family won’t be left financially unstable as well as distraught. We understand that you may have a very financially dependent family that relies on you to bring in the income, so as a COPD sufferer you will really gain from taking out Life Insurance as you may be aware that your life expectancy could be significantly shorter than an average healthy person.

To take out Life Insurance the cost for you can vary significantly. Different insurers may ask for different prices, but you may find that there is less choice of insurers due to your medical condition than what would be available to a healthy person. The exact cost will also vary depending on any other medical conditions and the current stage of your COPD. Your doctor may be contacted for a full report on your medical condition to ensure that the insurer is asking for the appropriate price with regards to the risk your medical condition poses to you.This may all seem rather complicated and confusing, but by using Active Brokers to make an application to get Life Insurance you can be assured that the professionals working here can guide you through every step and every form that you will need to complete. Our experts can give you the best advice on which insurer to take a policy with, as well as what type of Life Insurance will suit you best.

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A little bit about COPD…

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is a collection of various diseases that affect the lungs and the ability for the sufferer to breathe. The diseases include chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic obstructive airways disease.

The symptoms between each disease can vary, but the main symptoms remain the same: breathlessness, wheezing, a susceptibility to chest infections as well as persistent coughing with phlegm.

The causes of these COPDs are most commonly a result of smoking, but other similar factors include passive smoking, inhaling fumes, dust and air pollution. There can be a genetic tendency to inherit genes which make you more likely to develop a COPD, but this affects only 1% of the population.

There is currently no cure for any of the diseases, but treatment is available such as inhalers and medicines which can slow the progression of the disease and reduce the symptoms. Oxygen therapy and non-invasive ventilation can also help with the breathlessness symptoms by assisting the sufferer in breathing. Of course, the main advice that doctors give which will slow the progression of a COPD, is to quit smoking immediately. If you have any concerns or questions, take advice from your doctor or find more information about the disease at the NHS website.