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Epilepsy Life Insurance

Life Insurance for epilepsy sufferers is just as essential for you as Life Insurance is for any other person. Life Insurance will pay out a sum of money to support your loved ones in the event of you passing away. As a person who understands how sudden seizures can take you at any moment, you can be sure that by taking out Life Insurance you will feel happy knowing that your family will be safe to grieve in a financially secure state in the sudden case of death.

The amount of money you wish to leave behind for your family will depend on how much you can afford to leave for them. The premium costs for you to pay for your Life Insurance will vary depending on the insurer you decide to take out the policy with. As someone with a medical condition, you may find that prices are generally higher for you than what a normal healthy person would be paying; the exact price will also depend on your age and any other medical conditions. This can cause hassle and stress when finding the right insurance policy for you. But with Active Brokers you can be sure that our expert advisers will guide you through every form in the application process to ensure you find the right policy that suits your epileptic needs for the right price to suit your budget.

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A little bit about Epilepsy…

Epilepsy is a condition that affects the brain by disrupting the transmissions between the neurones causing fits and seizures.

The biggest symptom of epilepsy is the seizures and fits. Generally the person must experience repeated seizures over a period of time before it can be diagnosed as an epileptic seizure rather than another type of seizure. The severity of the seizure will depend on the part of the brain that is affected, and can occur at any point during night or day. Some seizures are partial, and the person may recover quickly, other seizures may be generalised. If a person undergoes a seizure for more than 5 minutes you should dial 999 immediately. Some people can sense when a seizure is about to happen, although this can differ between person to person, for example some people have a strange feeling or can smell a certain scent that will trigger it, however, they cannot stop the seizure from happening.

In most cases a cause for epilepsy cannot be found. In cases where epilepsy develops over time, it can sometimes be linked to some form of brain damage. The causes of brain damage are extremely varied, from cerebral palsy to drug and alcohol abuse.

The treatments available to treat the seizures from epilepsy are only administered once it has been determined that the sufferer has in fact had an epileptic seizure rather than another form of seizure. If the seizures only last a short while and are not intrusive then often medication is not needed. You may be able to avoid having a seizure if you can avoid the triggers, such as alcohol or even lavender. Anti-epileptic drugs can be prescribed after multiple seizures if they are relentlessly interfering with day to day life. To find out more about epilepsy and epileptic fits, go to the NHS website.