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Heart Disease Life Insurance

You may find that Life Insurance is not as easy to invest in when you have suffered or are currently suffering from a heart disease or heart attack, but Life Insurance is still essential to ensure that your family will be financially safe once you have passed away. Active Brokers can help you to make a potentially stressful application into a simple and relieving experience as you secure a future for your loved ones.

We understand that you, as someone who may have suffered from a sudden heart attack, will understand how sudden death can creep up more than anyone else, and we aim to provide the best policy for you that will take into consideration your needs as a sufferer from heart disease. We cater to many clients with various medical conditions and so we have experience with various types of heart disease at different levels of severity making Active Brokers the best option to choose when finding Life Insurance.

Please note that the cost of your Life Insurance will be significantly higher for a heart disease sufferer than what a healthy person would pay. The exact cost will depend on how much of a risk the insurer sees in your medical history, and other factors such as your age may also affect the overall cost of the Life Insurance. Your doctor may be contacted for a full report so that the insurer can judge an accurate price for the life insurance based on reliable professional advice.

To apply for a quote for Life Insurance click below to talk to our expert advisers who can guide you through the process step by step. We can find the most suitable policies depending on your individual circumstances. We continue to aim for 100% customer satisfaction and have over 15 years worth of experience working with customers that have serious medical conditions.

A little bit about Heart Disease…

Heart disease is a broad term which encompasses many types of heart diseases, the most common of which is coronary heart disease which is the leading cause of death in the UK. Other types of heart disease, such as cardiovascular disease, are generally caused by similar problems: the heart’s blood supply is limited or blocked in the arteries. These diseases often lead to heart attacks or even heart failure.

The symptoms of heart disease start small, with chest pain called angina, but sometimes the disease is only diagnosed after a more serious symptom arises, such as a heart attack. During a heart attack you may experience pain in other parts of your body, light-headedness, sweating, nausea and breathlessness.

The causes of heart disease mainly stem from having other health problems such as having high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes or thrombosis. Other causes that are linked to heart disease are smoking, obesity, and genetics, which increase your chances of developing a heart disease as they increase the build-up of fatty substances in your arteries.

The treatments available for heart diseases rely on lifestyle changes to lower the chances of further episodes such as heart attacks. You should quit smoking and live a healthier lifestyle, including regular exercise, to prevent any future risks of heart disease. There are some medicines available, such as antiplatelets, which thin the blood, thus stopping it clotting and blocking the arteries. However, too much of these medicines can lead to side effects, and they will not reduce the risk of future episodes, whereas leading a healthy lifestyle will. Surgery can also be utilised in very severe cases, such as a heart transplant, where the heart could not be healed by medicine or a healthy lifestyle.

For more information on heart disease and how to combat the causes before it is too late, visit the NHS website or talk to your doctor or GP.