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High Cholesterol Life Insurance

With over half of the adult population in the UK having raised levels of cholesterol, it’s important to consider your Life Insurance with regards to this growing health problem. Life Insurance will pay out a sum of money in the event of your death to insure that you’re close family is financially protected. This means that you can leave your family to feel safe and secure once you’ve passed away, leaving them supported while they grieve.

To get Life Insurance when you have been diagnosed as having a higher than normal level of cholesterol you will apply as any person would, by clicking on the get Life Insurance button below. You will need to state the level of cholesterol and answer a series of other medical questions when you apply, but this is a simple thing when you apply with Active Brokers as our expert advisors will guide you through the entire application process.

You may find that you are paying a higher rate for your Life Insurance policy if you have been diagnosed as having higher levels of cholesterol and this is causing more severe problems to your health such as coronary diseases. However, by using Active brokers we can find you the most suitable deal for the best price in consideration of your high levels of cholesterol; we will guide you through the application step by step, making it a stress free process.

By using Active Brokers to apply for a Life Insurance policy you can be sure that all your medical details will be handled with sensitivity as our experts find the perfect deal for you by taking into consideration your current health as well as any potential future conditions. Click below to quickly get a quote for the best policy of Life Insurance from the best insurers on the market.

A little bit about High Cholesterol…

Cholesterol is a lipid that our bodies need to go about their normal functions. Too much cholesterol, however, can be very bad for you if it’s the ‘bad’ cholesterol LDL which can build up in your arteries. The problems this can cause are multiple coronary diseases like angina or even a heart attack or a stroke.

The main causes of high cholesterol levels are an unhealthy diet that is high in saturated fats, smoking cigarettes, lack of exercise, obesity, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, having diabetes or high blood pressure and also having a family history of stroke or heart disease.

To test if you have cholesterol you will need a blood test. You may be recommended for a test if you have a family history of cardiovascular disease, have a close family member who has a condition bought on by cholesterol, you have high blood pressure, diabetes, are overweight, or have been diagnosed with any coronary disease.

The current suggestions to help you to lower your cholesterol to a healthy level include maintaining a healthy lifestyle by doing regular exercise and eating a balanced diet. It is also recommended that you quit smoking and drinking alcohol excessively to help maintain a healthy state of life.For more information on how high cholesterol can affect your day to day life, go to the NHS website or talk to your doctor or GP.