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Mental Illness Life Insurance

Life Insurance means that your family will be financially secure when you’re no longer here to support them. As a person who is suffering from a mental illness you may find that knowing your loved ones will be secure after your passing gives you some precious peace of mind. By taking out Life Insurance your family will be able to claim for a sum of money to help support them in the time after your death, allowing them to grieve in financial security.

The wide majority of mental illnesses will be covered by insurers, but you may discover that finding the right insurer for your specific illness to be stressful and difficult, not to mention expensive. By using Active Brokers we can find these insurers for you from the top insurers on the market, allowing you to relax as we search for the best policy for your specific needs. Life Insurance premiums will be more expensive for a person suffering from a mental illness, but the exact price of the insurance will depend on the type of mental illness and the severity. Other factors, such as age will also have an effect on the overall price for the life insurance as well as lifestyle and any other medical conditions on top of the mental illness. Your doctor will most likely be contacted for a full medical report on your condition: this is to ensure that the price of your policy is accurate and based on professional medical information.

To get a quote for your Life Insurance you need only click below to talk to one of our expert advisers who have over 15 years assisting people with mental illnesses find the right Life Insurance for your medical needs and financial budget. Our professionals will guide you through the application process step by step so that finding a Life Insurance policy is a stress free and relieving experience for you.

A little bit about Mental Illnesses…

Mental health problems vary widely from everyday problems to serious long term conditions that are classified as mental illnesses. Anxiety and depression are the most common problems which can, in some cases, be as potent as the severe mental illness such as bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. The common mental health problems are regarded as severe forms of normal emotional experiences such as depression, anxiety or panic. Less common psychotic symptoms interfere with a person’s perception of reality, such as seeing and hearing. Thus these psychotic mental health issues are termed as severe mental illnesses.

The symptoms of mental illnesses will depend on the exact illness, as is the same for treatments of mental illnesses. Mental health is still often misrepresented by the media and misunderstood by the general public so it is important to understand that your mental health is just as important as your physical health. About a quarter of the British population will experience some form of mental health problem in the course of a year. Should you feel that you may be experiencing a mental health problem that’s affecting your day to day life, no matter how common or severe, you can find help from your doctor or GP.

The exact causes of most mental illnesses are not known, but it is clear that it can be a mix of biological, psychological and environmental factors that determine whether a person will develop a mental illness.

To find out more go to the NHS website, the mental health foundation or talk to your doctor or GP for professional medical advice.