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Multiple Sclerosis Life Insurance

Life Insurance for multiple sclerosis sufferers ensures that a sum of money is paid out to your loved ones in the event of your death. The effect of multiple sclerosis on your Life Insurance will have some effect on the application process, and a larger effect on the price you will be asked to pay for your Life Insurance. We recommend that you thoroughly discuss your options with a financial advisor from Active Brokers before finding a Life Insurance policy so that this process is a stress free and efficient as possible.

When you decide to go for Life Insurance, you will be asked for detail about the condition and your doctor may be contacted for a report of the severity of the multiple sclerosis. As multiple sclerosis is not a fatal condition and the small gap in life expectancy between a sufferer and a healthy person is gradually closing, the price of Life Insurance will not be as high as some other more life threatening illnesses. Other factors that may affect the exact price of your Life Insurance include your lifestyle, age, and any other medical issues you may have. Your doctor may be contacted for a full medical report: this means that the insurer can base the price of the Life Insurance on reliable professional medical advice.

Life Insurance is important to you because it means financial security for your loved ones in the event of your death, so that your family can cope emotionally with the grief without the worries of being in an unstable financial state. Active Brokers understand this and have been dealing with customers with a medical condition for 15 years, so we know how to find you the best deal on your life insurance policy.

A little bit about Multiple Sclerosis…

Multiple Sclerosis is the chronic condition where there is on-going damage to the protective sheaths on the nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord, causing varying symptoms such as blindness and mobility problems. The condition is known as an autoimmune condition as it is the body’s immune system that is causing the damage to the nerve cells.

The causes of multiple sclerosis are mostly unknown, but the research completed so far would suggest that it is a combination of environmental and genetic factors that cause the disease. The most accepted theory is that the disease is coded for in the genetics of the person, but it takes environmental factors to trigger the disease into action. Some factors are more likely to provoke multiple sclerosis, such as smoking and lack of vitamin D.

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis differ greatly depending on the stage and severity of multiple sclerosis, but the most commonly seen symptoms include extreme tiredness, blurry vision, mobility problems, as well as muscles being weak and feeling a numb tingling sensation.

There is no cure for multiple sclerosis and most of the treatments available focus on relieving the symptoms of the disease. Steroids are often used to treat relapses of MS symptoms as they speed up recovery, but may have some long terms side effects if used frequently. Physiotherapy is very beneficial to assist with improving muscle spasms and spasticity. Some symptoms such as blurred vision will probably improve on their own within a few weeks so do not require treatments, if they do then you should not hesitate to contact your doctor. For more information about the condition multiple sclerosis, go to the NHS website or talk to your doctor or GP.