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Half Price Gym Membership & Cinema Tickets with Life Insurance

Did you know that when you take out Life Insurance with Active Brokers you can get Virgin Active gym membership for half price?

And did you know you can get FREE weekly cinema tickets with Life Insurance bought through Active Brokers when you take a Vitality Life Insurance policy?


Massive discounts on weekly cinema tickets!

Life Insurance is too often seen as something you can’t instantly benefit from. But this has all changed. At Active Brokers we can offer you a half price membership to Virgin Active gyms and free cinema tickets when you take out a Life Insurance policy through our broker service.

Get a quote here to be eligible for a massive discount on your gym membership AND weekly cinema tickets.

Half price gym membership at Virgin Active gyms!

As an extra incentive to get your Life Insurance sorted, we are offering you the chance to have half price gym membership. With obesity on the rise this is a sure way to be motivated to get fit and healthy by joining a gym that’s near to you. This could be your chance to get those abs you wanted or slim down for the upcoming office Christmas party.

By taking out Life Insurance you can be sure that your loved ones will be financially secure in the event of you passing away, but often this can seem like a lot of money for something you’re not guaranteed to claim on if you took out Term Life Insurance. Our brokerage service can offer you the peace of mind that Life Insurance can give you while taking away the hassle of applying for a policy AND give you the opportunity to get a huge discount on a gym membership. What do you have to lose?

By taking out a gym membership with Virgin Active you will receive only the best service available at the gym nearest to you, with access to all the facilities and state-of-the-art equipment.


Currently the membership options available can vary anywhere from between £30 to £70 (not including any joining fees) but with our special offer on Life Insurance policies you can get these top quality memberships at a much lower price.

When you take out Life Insurance with Active Brokers you’ll be talking to our expert advisers who will be able to get you the best deal with the Life Insurance and gym membership, go to our site to apply for a quote.

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Get a quote here to be eligible for a massive discount on your gym membership.

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