motorcyclist life insurance

Life Insurance for Motorcyclists

If you use a motorcycle as a mode of transport (i.e. recreational purposes, journeys to and from work, and so forth), then finding life insurance at a reasonable rate should not present too much of a problem. If you have a clean record, and use the correct protective equipment and clothing, then you should present a fairly low risk to insurance providers. However, if you engage in motorcycling as an “extreme” sport, or race motorcycles, then you will usually find that insurers will consider that risk to be considerably raised. You may also find that your premiums are affected if you use a motorcycle as a part of your employment (e.g. if you are a courier, dispatch rider, police officer, or one of many other professions). However, if you are a member of a motorcycle related profession, your employer may well have life insurance on your behalf as part of your employment contract. It is always advisable to check your life insurance status thoroughly when embarking upon any high risk activities. It is also always necessary to disclose any potentially dangerous activities, such as the use of a motorcycle, to insurance providers when seeking a quote, otherwise your cover may become invalidated. If you have any queries about life insurance for motorcyclists, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert advisers who will be more than happy to furnish you with information and help you to get the right life insurance at the best possible price.

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