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Life Insurance For Pilots

Flying aircraft’s as a hobby or as a profession can be very rewarding, but there are always certain risks involved, which are recognised by life insurance providers.

There is a whole range of different types of flying, which all have their own inherent risk factors. For instance, a commercial airline pilot would have comparatively low life insurance premiums because large planes are statistically proven to be quite safe.

However, a commercial helicopter pilot flying between shipping would have very high premiums because of the statistically unsafe nature of the work. If one is a pilot within the armed forces, it is also very likely that the cost of one’s premiums will be expensive.

Flying smaller aircraft or helicopters, whether recreationally or professionally will usually affect the cost of life insurance premiums.

There are also other forms of flying (all of which must be disclosed when making an application for life insurance) such as piloting gliders, microlights, or hang gliding. If one is a professional pilot working for a company, it is possible that there may already be an existing life insurance scheme run by the company in order for pilots to obtain better value cover, or it may exist as a perk.

How do I get Life Insurance?

It is, of course, vital that one has adequate life insurance in place one way or another. Talk to one of our helpful advisers, who will be able to help with all your life insurance needs.

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