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Life Insurance – Why do I need it?

Life Insurance has long been at the heart of Active Brokers, way before we ventured into commercial insurance, mortgages and health insurance, Life Insurance was what brought us into the industry. It’s still surprising how many people we speak to who don’t fully understand what this product can do for them, and how it can change your whole outlook on life.

What Can Life Insurance Do For Me?

  • Security and Support – with the right Life Insurance policy you can make sure that your family will always have the house, the car, a secure income and a way to keep going should the worst happen to yourself. Security in the future: make it bright for your family.
  • Comfort – there are far too many everyday things to be fretting over to spend time worrying about the long term future, the ‘what ifs’ and the potential of future disaster – but somehow we still have this on our mind. Life Insurance offers the comfort of not needing to think that far ahead, letting you focus on the important everyday family things.
  • Freedom – the freedom to not worry so much. Not only will you have the comfort and freedom to not worry about the potentials in the future, but through Life Insurance you won’t need to worry about having so much money in savings to be prepared for the worst.

Who Needs Life Insurance?


home mortgage life insurance

Moving home should be the last thing on your mind

Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest commitments in life. It secures your family a place to live, learn and grow in: a place to call home. Have you thought about what would happen to said home if you were to pass away? Would your family be able to afford to keep up the mortgage payments? Not only would they loose you, but you could find that your family is forced to re-home. Moving to a new house while suffering the loss of a family member is far from ideal. Through insurance you can make sure that the mortgage will be paid off when you pass away. Leave your home to support your family in the future.

Parents and Grandparents

Who doesn’t love their kids? Who wouldn’t want to secure the future for the younger generations of the family? Whether it’s a means of making sure they have education, a home or just giving them a gift for when you’re gone, Life Insurance can make that a reality.

Cautious Individuals

It’s not just those with family and dependants who need Life Insurance, there are several reasons why an individual might choose this cover too (and many other types of insurance that are available to them). Funerals are not cheap affairs, and neither is Inheritance Tax. It doesn’t matter if you’re the breadwinner of a loving family or the individual home owner looking to pass on a heritage to distant family members or friends – funeral costs and inheritance tax will be costing you regardless.

What Can Life Insurance Cover?

Mortgages, education fees and funerals are not the only thing that a life insurance policy can cover.

Did you know that the cost of raising a child (up to age 21) can reach £227,226?!?!

Our superb infographic shows you exactly what the average Life Insurance pay-out will do for you – find it here, and download it for free.

Critical Illness Cover life insurance

Critical Illness Cover is a helping hand when you fall ill

What Doesn’t Life Insurance Cover?

Unfortunately Life Insurance is not the solution to all your problems. Loss of income, disability and health problems are all very real things that happen to ordinary people all the time.

Income Protection this type of cover will give you some stability if you ever lose your job from illness, disability or redundancy. Find out more here.

Critical Illness Cover is there to give you some support if you are ever diagnosed with a critical illness that will prevent you from working. With a long list of illnesses covered under this policy, it’s worth looking in to. Find out more here.

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