Life Insurance with Kidney Disease

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Kidney disease presents few symptoms in it’s early stages, and so is very often in an advanced state before it is diagnosed; it can lead to renal failure, which requires dialysis. There may be associated medical complications and issues caused by the complaint.

People who suffer from kidney disease are usually considered by life insurance companies to be in a higher risk category. For this reason, life insurance for people who suffer from kidney disease can be much more difficult to obtain, and the premiums can be higher than average.

The assessment criteria regarding life insurance for kidney-related medical conditions varies between insurance providers; but cover offered under these circumstance will usually also be subject to certain special conditions – for instance, the insurance provider will probably want to contact your doctor directly, or possibly see your medical records. A life insurance company will make an assessment based on the level of severity of the kidney disease, whether the applicant has a mild form of kidney complaint with little or no symptoms, or is on dialysis due to kidney failure – these will determine whether or not cover is be available.

But even in the most severe cases, we can still help you – our friendly advisers can assist you in finding the best possible deal for life insurance, whatever your situation.

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