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Military Insurance – Remembrance 2015

To commemorate Remembrance day 2015 we’ve gone through and explained how the insurance industry can help those who served in the military, those currently serving and those planning to serve for our country in the future through military insurance. We’ve had a fair amount of veterans and people currently serving in the forces contact Active Brokers, and every time we’ve tried our hardest to find a suitable policy for them – we wish they were all successful. Read below to find out why it’s often tricky to get cover in the armed forces.

Can Active Brokers get you Military Insurance?

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Remembrance Day November 11

To put it simply, we cannot help those in the military who have a date for their next tour of duty (scroll down to find out who can) but those who are veterans, those who don’t have a date for their next tour of duty are the people we can help.

A quick word from our sales manager, Jake: “As ruthless as it sounds, we can only help those who do not have a date to go on their next tour of duty. Otherwise we are always happy to help you find any Life Insurance, mortgage or health cover that you might need.”

What do I do if Active Brokers can’t help me?

PAX Insurancethe specialists in getting military insurance for HM armed forces, MoD staff and their families. Offering military insurance for the army, navy and RAF: these guys will definitely be able to help you if Active Brokers can’t.

What makes it difficult to get Insurance in general?

Foreign Travel

Travelling to certain parts of the world raise a red flag with many insurers who are concerned about the risk of travelling abroad. If you plan to go to any countries that the insurers consider risky, or spend 3 months or more abroad you could find that your Life Insurance application is declined or you end up paying a much higher premium.

Medical Problems

The more serious medical conditions, such as cancers and COPD could result in a decline on your Life Insurance policy. However, other common but potentially less serious medical conditions such as diabetes, hyperventilation and depression could just result in a rating, meaning you’ll be paying more each month than a person without these medical conditions. Active Brokers specialises in finding Life Insurance for people with medical conditions: you can find a full list of the conditions we cover here.

Dangerous Work/Hobbies

Another reason for having your Life Insurance declined or accepted at an increased rate is down to participating in dangerous past times. If it’s you’re full time occupation like a F1 driver or working for the military you’ll need to find specialist insurance or military insurance… for others that occasionally enjoy sky diving, bungee jumping and other potentially dangerous hobbies we could be able to help you find the insurance you need – give us a call, chat online or submit your details for us to contact you.

Confused about any of the language used here? Try this blog post to bust any complex insurance jargon here.

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