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Mortgage Success for Joe & Sarah (King of the Booth)

I received a recommendation to help Joe and Sarah who own and run King of the Booth. 3 months later and they have the mortgage they were desperate for. If you want to talk to the self-employed mortgage expert, you can find me, Gary Das, here on facebook.

Here’s Joe and Sarah’s story.

Joe and Sarah’s Dilemma

kingUp until June 2013 Joe had been an electrician, he had an opportunity to buy a photo booth to earn a bit of money on the side and he took it.

It’s coming up to 3 years later, and now they are working at more than 650 weddings and events over the whole UK with a team of employees and an impressive number of booths.

They want a mortgage, a new home for their family… problem is, they’re self-employed and only have 1 years trading accounts to show us.

Joe and Sarah are busy running their business and raising two great kids, they needed someone to find them a mortgage while they focus on their day to day lives. Without my help as an experienced mortgage adviser and knowledge as a self-employed business owner they’d have really struggled to find a lender by themselves.

The Problem for Self-Employed Mortgage Seekers

It is possible to get a mortgage as a self-employed worker with just 1 years accounts, but the number of lenders is limited and it comes down to your individual circumstances as well as the deposit you have. For most high street lenders you’ll need 3 years accounts. Either way, you’ll have to jump through many more hoops to get the mortgage you want.

Having just 1 years full trading accounts is hard as there is no longevity for mortgage lenders. For Joe and Sarah, the lender wanted a full 12 months trading accounts so although the business started in June 2013, the first full 12 months trading accounts wasn’t until April 2015.

Having a complete job and industry change also makes things more risky, as there’s no previous industry experience, its not like going from an employed electrician to working as a self-employed electrician. This can make it extra difficult to be accepted by a lender, as Joe and Sarah found out.

How Joe and Sarah Succeeded

From my own experiences last year and other self-employed individuals that I have helped, I knew which lenders would be willing to accept Joe and Sarah’s application. Once the application was submitted and documentation obtained, the hard work really began, with my excellent admin team here at Active Brokers, we took care of everything for Joe and Sarah, handling all of the paperwork, liaising with their accountant, chasing solicitors and updating estate agents at every step of the process. Without our services Joe and Sarah would of found it more difficult to have everything sorted so quickly while running their business and caring for their children.

The mortgage lender used the company accounts, SA302s and with an accountants reference for the current year. We had the mortgage agreed in no time and they have now moved in to their new home.

1 years accounts accounts is possible but the number of lenders is limited and it comes down to your individual circumstances as well as the deposit you have.

Going Forward

I make friends with my clients over the 2 or 3 months of their mortgage hunt, helping Joe and Sarah and hearing how they have taken it all in their stride, with 2 young children it’s been a lot juggle and its a real team effort.

To hear the passion for the business and to see how well it is thriving following a complete 180 U-turn in career makes me feel inspired. It shows with enough determination, motivation and out graft, you can achieve anything as long as you want it enough and focus on your mission and goals.

If you have a wedding, office party or event please check out King of the Booth, Joe and Sarah are a great couple and really want to give you the best experience.

Self-employed? Have 1 years account or almost there?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. If you don’t have time to talk over the phone 0800 028 4268 try our live online messaging service (bottom left) from 9.00 – 6.00pm, or email

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