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Moving Home in Chelmsford

Great news for Managing Director Gary who was moving home at the end of last week! He successfully organised to move his entire home contents and family into his new home in just a couple of days. Read below for his personal account, recommendations and tips for moving house in the Chelmsford area of Essex.

Moving home has a reputation to be one of the most stressful events you can go through in life: my only experience with it to this point was moving out as a first time buyer 9 years ago, and then as a home mover 4 years ago with my wife and a baby on the way. Both of these moves required nothing more than a couple friends acting as my man-with-a-van. It’s never been more than a days work.

moving home estate agent chelmsford bond residential

Bond Residential were superb at selling our home

As the owner of Active Brokers and a qualified mortgage broker in Chelmsford, I speak to a lot of customers who are first time buyers or home movers. As such, I was well aware of the stress from the upcoming home moving event. Knowing the stress and moving processes first hand makes me more than qualified enough to help you do the same. My experiences and success is something that I can help you achieve too.

Estate Agent

Bond Residential, an estate agent in Chelmsford, sold my wife and I our first house 4 years ago. Having seen them grow from strength to strength as one of top estate agents in Chelmsford over the last 4 years and being impressed by their service, we decided to sell through them this time. Everyone at Bond is absolutely outstanding: the house sold within 2 weeks allowing me to focus on moving home and my new mortgage.

My mortgage application was made through Coventry Building Society. Being self-employed (and with self-certified mortgages being an option of the past) Coventry are the only lender who will take my latest years income or company profits for their affordability calculation, i.e. confirming how much you can borrow for your mortgage. Most lenders take an average of the last 2 or 3 years. Let me explain:

If 2014 income was £20,000 and 2015 was £40,000, you can borrow more based on £40,000 than using £30,000 as the average. If you are thinking of moving home, need a self-employed mortgage or mortgage advice from a mortgage broker in Chelmsford, please do contact the office. We know first-hand the pitfalls as well as the best and easiest methods of obtaining a mortgage. We are the experts.

moving home chelmsford removals

Chelmsford Removals are THE best in the Chelmsford area of Essex

My mortgage offer took 3 weeks from making our mortgage application, this is our company standard/average. Even in tricky circumstances, if the application is handled and presented correctly (whether you are a first time buyer, newly self-employed or home mover) it really does help using a mortgage broker rather than going direct yourself.

I must recommend using Chelmsford Removals. They were the true heroes of moving home. The thought of packing everything up in boxes for 2 adults, 2 little girls, a kitchen, toys etc. is stressful. Even just listing it is causing me some stress. I said to my wife “we need professionals,” so with a quick google search and recommendations from a neighbour who was moving home we made a call.  A gentlemen came round to price up with a view that once we sold we could instruct them.

The day before the big move 2 guys in their mid 20s turned up at 8am for a walk around the house… by 3 pm everything was packed, the beds were dismantled and the house looked like something out of secret hoarders.

The next day, the day of our big move, 4 guys arrived at 8am and got on with the military operation of emptying the house. Starting with upstairs, they all had their jobs and processes to pack the lorry to minimise breakages etc. By 12.30pm the house was empty. At the new house they unloaded the lorries, 1 person reassembled the wardrobes and beds while the other 3 brought in the sofa and boxes. My wife, mother-in-law and I unpacked the boxes as quickly as we could and by 3 pm they were done unloading. We had unpacked most of our belongings so they took a lot of the empty flat packed boxes and the paper used to protect our valuables. Any remaining boxes were collected the following Sunday with no hassle.

moving home packing boxes mess

Our belongings skilfully wrapped by Chelmsford Removals

If you are thinking about moving home in Chelmsford I 100% recommend Chelmsford Removals to assist, all the guys were friendly, charismatic and knew exactly what they were doing.  We had nothing to stress about and to be honest I found the whole moving home a really enjoyable and renewing experience.

As a first time buyer I recommend you let a mortgage broker help you get the right mortgage to suit your circumstances. We have experience helping with all mortgage types, whether you’re outright purchasing or using the government’s help to buy scheme, shared ownership or council right to buy. I always recommend going to see who you bank with first. This is simply because you probably trust them the most, but from there onwards Active Brokers advisers can and will reduce the stress of trying to find the right type of mortgage.

If you’re moving home you have more than enough to contend with so using a mortgage broker – as well Bond Residential and Chelmsford Removals – will help you to no end.

MD Gary Das for the Active Brokers Blog


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