Pets with Diabetes

Pets with Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is now one of the world’s most common long-term health conditions in humans.

Unfortunately it’s not just humans.

Have you heard about our beloved pets being diagnosed with diabetes too?


Chubby Ginger Cat Chilling on the Couch

You may have heard about Pippa, the cat that saved a diabetic girls life after she was adopted from an RSPCA centre in Canterbury. Pippa managed to alert her parents when the 8 year old came close to falling into a diabetic coma (You can read more here).

While heart-warming stories like this often make it onto Facebook and the news, we rarely hear about the suffering of animals with diabetes despite the fact they are no less susceptible to developing diabetes than we are.

Some animals may develop diabetes naturally, such as: apes, cats, dogs, horses, pigs and sheep. And all mammals have the potential to become diabetic as they all rely on the production of insulin.

With domestic animals being over fed and petted, animals are becoming fatter and fatter, leading to many health risks, not just diabetes. Some of the worlds fattest cats weigh in at over 4 times the weight of the average house cat.


While it’s easy to laugh and ‘aw’ at the cute fatty animals, we need to remember that their health is important too, and more awareness needs to be bought about for diabetes in animals. Learn more here:


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