Samuel’s Testimony

Samuel’s Testimony

“Jon’s help at this difficult time was greatly appreciated, he gave me good financial advice and guided me through the steps to claiming on my Life Insurance […] this was stress free and simple because of the work Jon did for me. I would recommend Active Brokers to anyone, they really are the experts in their field.” Samuel from Kent.

It was November 2011 when Samuel was referred over to us by Legal & General: his original broker was no longer looking after his policy so it was up to us to make sure he was still getting the right amount of cover.

And it’s a good thing we did check up with Samuel! It turns out that the policy he had in place was designed to cover mortgage payments on a mortgage that he no longer had. One of our best advisers discussed what options Samuel had going forward and managed to find him cover that would make sure his family would be financially safe and sound in the event of him passing away.

Samuel settled on a policy that lasted up to his planned retirement age which would pay a grand total of £128,920 if he was to pass away. This would cost Samuel the same amount he was paying each month on his old policy, so he was happy to be getting this level of cover for the same amount.

Fast forward to 2014 and we give Samuel a quick call to check everything was still suited to him, and discovered the worst had happened. Samuel had been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. Jon, who’s looking after Samuel’s case, managed to give Samuel some good news: he could claim on his life insurance for this.

To claim on his life insurance Samuel would have to prove that he had 12 months or less to live: information that has to be specifically requested from the NHS. While many people choose not to know how long they have left, it is vital in terms of claiming on your life insurance as the insurer will need to know.

From this point we could help Samuel make his claim and put him in touch with Legal & General to get all the relevant information sent to them. Once they had Samuel’s medical reports they began to get to work: when this started to take longer than usual we immediately contacted the Legal & General claims department for an update.

This was where Jon at Active Brokers was really able to help Samuel. He helped chase Legal & General through the processing stage to try and speed up the process by highlighting the case as a matter of priority. It was handed to the chief medical officer and within 48 hours Legal & General had finalised the claim.

Within 7 days the full amount of money was paid into Samuel’s bank account.

As a result of this claim being settled Samuel knows that he can rest assured knowing that when he does pass away his family will have the financial stability provided by the life assurance moving forward. He knows they will not struggle to pay the household bills and have the peace of mind that they will be well looked after.

Samuel had prudently arranged his last will and testament well before diagnosis of his illness and had his funeral wishes covered. Now the formalities have been settled he can enjoy the most precious thing he has left, the time remaining with his family.

Samuel’s story highlights the importance of life cover and the invaluable assistance a reputable broker can provide in someone’s time of need. Without that money Samuel’s already devastating situation would be made worse by uncertainty. The uncertainty of whether his family will struggle financially without him. The uncertainty of who is going to be paying for his funeral. Money can’t fix all Samuel’s problems, but the insurance made sure his quality of life in his last few months is the best it can be.

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