The World of Self-Employed Mortgages

The mortgage market is an unnerving place for self-employed people like you. There is a wide range of different mortgage lenders, from popular high-street names to specialists you won’t even have heard of.

It’s not easy when you’re self-employed and trying to find a mortgage lender that will give you the mortgage you need. Some lenders will outright say ‘no’ to many self-employed people as soon as you walk through the door. Others will dismiss half your income and deny you your dream home.

You need someone you can trust to guide you to your dream home. Having advice from a trusted adviser who really understand what being self-employed is like, is indispensable when aiming for your dream home.

What We can do for You

For you, a self-employed specialist mortgage broker means getting an actionable mortgage strategy, which could lead to getting your dream home.

We understand you, all our services are focused specifically on helping you and catering to your self-employed circumstances. Whether you’re a sole trader, entrepreneur, business owner or limited company owner, we have the skills and expertise to help you get a mortgage.

We are self-employed advisers. Each and every one of us understands what being self-employed is like, and that is why we are the best at what we do. Self-employed mortgage advisers really understand how you work, how a business is run and how your income is made up, essential things when it comes to getting a mortgage.

We can help you achieve:

  • The lowest interest rate.
  • The maximum mortgage available.
  • A monthly payment that is affordable now and for the future.

You are entitled to the same mortgage rates as every other employed person, but being self-employed means we need to jump through more hoops to get there. Lenders won’t always make it easy, and fitting affordability criteria can be hard. Our self-employed mortgage brokers have an extensive knowledge of the market from the high-street to the far reaches of specialist lenders. They know which lenders will suit you, and what needs to be done to get you into your dream home.

That’s what makes us the self-employed experts; we search the market with your specific circumstances in mind. And we will never tell you ‘no’ unless we’ve looked into every possibility for you.

In your mortgage strategy call you won’t just get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. We work on putting a personalised strategy in place for you. If your mortgage plans look feasible we will help you find a way to get your dream home quickly and affordably, if not, we won’t just tell you ‘no’ like the unhelpful banks. You need a strategy to help you get in a position where you can apply for a mortgage on your dream home – and we’ll direct you there.

You can have confidence in us. We are the experts, and we are working for you to ensure your mortgage experience is smooth and simple. Your mortgage application will be in very capable hands from that very first conversation right through the process to the day you move into your dream home.

The ACTIVE Process

The first step to moving into your dream home starts with a mortgage strategy call, where we can help define your mortgage goals and understand your circumstances. The outcome is always positive, if we can’t help you with a mortgage now, we’ll set you up so you know when you can in the future.

From here we move onto taking some basic info from you and obtaining the documents vital to getting your mortgage. Passing affordability is the first hurdle, but our process makes it as easy as possible.

Throughout the process you’ll be updated regularly on the progress we’re making for you. When it comes to deciding on a mortgage and applying, you’ll be as confident as we are with the personal recommendation we’ve given you.

Once both you and the lender are happy, we move onto securing your Agreement in Principle. From here we liaise with estate agents and find you a solicitor until we get to submitting the full application. We do everything on your behalf, all the chasing and hard work involved will be taken care of by our dedicated administrator. There’s nothing to worry about.

Once the valuations are done with and your offer is produced, we then start chasing your solicitors until we get to the point that contracts can be exchanged and the completion date is set in stone.

Finally, the money is transferred and you get the keys to your dream home.

The ACTIVE framework, from affordability right through to entrepreneurial support, brings clarity to the confusion to make sure every application ends in Victory.

Gary’s Self-Employed Mortgage Story

In 2015 Gary Das considered moving home. His struggles mean that now he’s living in his dream home, and is ready to help you on your journey to yours.

Houses prices in Chelmsford, Essex were still increasing and his eldest daughter, Amelie, was starting school in 2016. The time was perfect for his family to move into a better home in a better location.

As a company director and his wife, Ayesha, being a sole trader, Gary approached his existing lender. He felt anger and frustration: he wanted to double his current mortgage, and even though this would extend the term so monthly payments would remain the same, his lender said no.

Gary was determined, and he knew that all was not lost. He spent hours researching criteria so he could learn how to fit affordability and get the best terms. What he found was that out of the entire UK mortgage market, only 5 lenders would look at his income with a different method to his current lender. After carefully considering the interest rates, Gary found the right lender for his dream home.

16 painful days later, he got his mortgage offer. He was victorious against the lender and in October 2015 he and his family collected the keys to their dream home.

What he learned is that the key to owning your dream home lies in the preparation. Gary had become the self-employed mortgage expert.

What you’ll achieve with Active Brokers

You could be living in your dream home with

  • The lowest interest rate.
  • The maximum mortgage available.
  • A monthly payment that is affordable now and for the future.

Furthermore, you’ll have a broker for life.

Lifelong advice and support from your broker will see you through every move – stress free and efficiently.

Case Study

A client came to me after being turned down by Natwest and HSBC, he’d been searching for a self-employed specialist online.

The main issue he and his partner faced was that they had not drawn an income from the business, and the majority of lenders didn’t accept retained profit.

To get their dream home they need a lender who would use the large amount of retained profit they had in their 2 limited companies.

After some extensive research into the lenders available to this client, I submitted the application to Metro.

After speaking with the vendor who deals direct with Metro, I have done in 24hours what would take him 5 to 10 days. With an Agreement in Principle obtained from Metro, we began the fight and push to get the offer on time!

Right now, these clients are relaxing in their dream home, a 5 bed £2million property near Enfield.

The massive benefit they found of using a self-employed mortgage broker, is that we make up a huge percentage of mortgage business for the lenders. When you go direct to a bank there's no competition, and in many cases they may just reject you right there. With the right advice, you can be working towards living in your dream home. Depending on your circumstances, you could be in your dream home within 18 days, just like this couple.

Important Details

At Active Brokers, we calculate our fees depending on your specific circumstances and the amount of work we do for you. This means that you’ll never pay for more than what you get, which we think is a lot fairer.

Furthermore, we’ll only charge a broker fee for mortgages once we are 100% certain that we can help you. Initial advice is always free, and if it’s not possible for us to help you, we won’t give you any false hope or charge you ridiculous fees.

Never pay twice for the same property. When it comes to re-mortgaging or sorting finances on a property we’ve helped you with before, there will be no fee.

You can read the specifics in our Key Facts document that outlines all of our Ts, Cs and everything else you need to know.Or better yet, give us a call right this minute to speak to an adviser and officially become an Active Brokers client.

Here are just some of the products our services have helped with so far:

  • Self-Employed Mortgages
  • Professional Mortgages
  • High Net Worth Mortgages
  • Buy To Let
  • Let To Buy
  • Re-Mortgages
  • First Time Buyers
  • Home Movers
  • Bridging Loans
  • Personal Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Wills
  • Pensions
  • Loans
  • Tax Management

The FCA do not regulate Business Buy to Lets, Wills, Tax Management, most Commercial Mortgages and some Bridging Loans.

Please note we are not authorised to provide advice or arrange pension policies. If you wish to discuss your policy or receive advice in this areas please contact us and we will pass your details onto our recommended Independent Financial Adviser who is authorised and specialises within this area.

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