Protection for your business and
most valuable assets

Whether you’re a Business Owner, Sole Trader or run a Limited Company, no matter how small or large your ventures are, you have a great deal of responsibility. You might be running things with your business partner, or taking control of everything yourself, either way, you’re at the top of your game.

You could be solely responsible for the future of your business, for bringing in income each month for your family, for supporting your employees, for maintaining your clients, for managing your reputation, for making the important decisions. It falls on your shoulders. What would happen if something went wrong? If you had to declare bankruptcy? If your key employee leaves?

Your business needs a plan in place for the “what if’s” of the future. You need financial security, and confidence in knowing that your business can recover should the worst happen.

What we can do for you

You need support and protection for your business, and we can help you achieve this. Business insurance can be a life-line when it’s needed most, it can give you the aid you need to recover and succeed in business. It can safeguard your assets and protect your reputation. Insurance can be invaluable for you.

You can find cover that will assist in paying any legal costs if someone makes a claim against you. This is especially important if you offer advice or a service. It can reduce financial strain while you repair your reputation.

Covering the losses when a key employee can no longer work is something insurance can really help with. With an insurance pay-out, you could cover any losses as well as the costs of recruitment and training a replacement.

Insurance can assist you with repaying outstanding loans too. When a business guarantor passes away or is diagnosed with a critical illness, you could find yourself taking on the debt. An insurance pay-out could help reduce or pay off that loan.

When shareholders pass away, you may want to purchase their shares, take control of the business. An insurance pay-out could give you the funds to be able to do this, to ensure the future of the business is in your hands.

Furthermore, you can support yourself and your colleagues through medical cover or life insurance for the entire business. Insurance allows you to take care of your employees as well as your business.

Insurance can give you financial security when things go wrong.

We are here to give you confidence and peace of mind through our insurance services. Our simple and efficient processes, and helpful expert advisers can help you achieve this.

Bespoke Insurance for Unique Businesses

Part of our main focus over the past 7 years has been insurance. Over that time we have gained a vast amount of knowledge on the different policies available to you, from well-known to bespoke insurers for your specific industry. You have access to a wide range of specialist insurances through Active Brokers. No matter how unique or specialist your business is, our expert advisers are dedicated to finding you the right cover.

Having business insurance could be compulsory for your business, but there could be many relevant policies for you beyond that. Finding those insurances and discovering what is suitable for your business can offer you, your employees and everyone else involved some peace of mind and confidence going forward.

Some of the business insurances can help you with:

  • Keyman Insurance
  • Shareholder Insurance
  • Business Loan Protection
  • Relevant Life Insurance
  • Employers’ Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

How to find the right Insurance

To find suitable cover, you need someone with the dedication and knowledge to really assess your business from an insurance perspective, go through all the research, and search through the leading insurers, some of which you may never have heard of.

Whether you’d prefer to sit down face to face with an adviser, discuss everything over the phone, or arrange things through email, we can work with you. We understand you’re busy running a business, so we’ve structured our processes to make getting insurance quick and efficient.

We take great care and attention to make sure that we understand your business completely. This means that you could find insurance to cover your business at the most suitable price.

You need to know and understand the insurance that’s protecting your business to have confidence and peace of mind. Our advisers are insurance experts, they understand the ins and outs, and can explain to you exactly what the cover entails and why it’s so important for you.

We are always there for you, as your insurance and mortgage broker. Your insurance will be regularly reviewed and assessed as part of our services. Many of our clients feel reassured knowing that their adviser is here to help make sure they are suitably covered. We aim to review the suitability of your business insurance as you and your business grow.

What you can achieve

The right insurance can see your business continue flourishing to its potential without the worry of crashing if something goes wrong. Your hard work can be protected.

You can achieve:

  • Peace of mind. Having bespoke insurance in place offers a great deal of peace of mind. Not just for you, the business owner, but also your staff and clients. Insurance ensures that the future of your business runs smoothly, giving your staff more job security and can make your business more trustworthy in the eyes of clients.
  • Financial Security. The right insurance will comfortably cover all of your business assets and liabilities. The insurances that are legally required for your business, as well as the specialist cover that is designed specifically to fit your business, will be securely in place. You can create a financial safety net to catch you, your business, your business partners, your employees and your clients from legal battles, bankruptcy, loss, damage and more.
  • Insurance that grows with your business. With Active Brokers, you’ve found a dedicated broker for life. As your company grows and evolves, we can review your policies to ensure you have the correct insurance in place as and when you need it. Your insurance will be regularly reviewed to make sure you are always covered suitably for the best possible price. You can call us any time to review your insurance to make sure you are covered suitably for the best possible price.

You can’t always predict what will be thrown at your business next, but you can make sure you’re protected and ready for it.

Insurance is wise

Active Brokers is a business, run by a business owner, and made up of self-employed advisers. We understand exactly what running a business or being a sole trader is like, and what you will need to have covered.

Having insurance is not just a requirement in many cases, but a wise business decision for the future, as our Managing Director and founder knows well.

Gary’s Story

When Gary founded Active Brokers, it was imperative he had Professional Indemnity Insurance. Not only is it a requirement of our regulator, but it’s wise to have in any advice based business. Having that insurance in place means that if a claim against Active Brokers was ever made, the legal costs would be covered for us. A claim could put Gary’s integrity on the line, but the financial security this cover offers means we can focus on recovering without worrying about the costs.

As you know, business has expanded a lot since the early days; Gary has found key employees and he also started a family and got a mortgage. Employers’ Liability Insurance and Keyman Insurance is of incredible importance for our small, dedicated team.

With a sales based business, his advisers contribute greatly to the income of Active Brokers. His operations manager ensures clients are looked after, and the business administration is done to the highest standard. If anything happened to these key employees in relation to death or illness, Gary would need to make sure he can continue trading without affecting the business and other staff.

The loss of a key person results in a lot time and money spent searching, recruiting, training and restructuring of the business. Not having cover in place could result in hastily hiring the wrong team member and causing more financial risks and worries. With this important piece of insurance, Gary has a financial safety net allowing Active Brokers to continue trading if the worst happened to an employee, and allows Gary some time to recover from the loss.

“I have insurance to protect my reputation, my business’s achievements, the hard work my team puts into Active Brokers, my finances, and my family. As my journey goes on and business evolves, there’s no doubt that my insurance needs will change too.

What I have learned from successfully being self-employed and running a business for over a decade, is that Insurance is indispensable.

I have successfully found bespoke insurance for the business owners that have approached me, and I have seen how quickly a business can fall apart when something goes wrong and they don’t have the right insurance in place.” Gary Das, Managing Director of Active Brokers

Getting Advice

Not sure where to start when it comes to insuring your business? That’s why we are qualified to guide you through the whole process. From discovering what your business really needs to finding the perfect cover that protects your interests and fits your budget.

We have access to a wide range of leading business insurers from across the market. Advice and arrangement of insurance is completely free of charge for you, as we are paid commission from the insurer we place your business with.

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