Protection for yourself, your family and your dream home

The truth is, no one really knows what is waiting around the corner. No one can predict events that could potentially jeopardise you and your family’s lifestyle, long term plans and financial stability.

When you’ve found your dream home and started a family, you realise just how much they mean to you. You need peace of mind, so every night you can rest easy knowing that should the worst happen - whether that’s being a victim of theft, suffering cancer, or even death - your home and the people you care about can recover in peace.

We’ve been helping people from different walks of life protect their families and homes for 7 years. It wasn’t easy for them to consider what life would be like if the worst happened, and just like you, they were unsure how to protect the important things in life.

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How Insurance can work for you

You’ve worked hard for your family, for your home, and your lifestyle. That hard work can be protected.

Working out what needs insurance may seem like a burden, but in reality it can be a life-line when you’re in need.

We can find policies that will offer your family financial security if you were to pass away. These can provide your family with a regular income to maintain the lifestyle you want them to enjoy, or it can pay off the mortgage so your family can live comfortably in your dream home.

We can help you find suitable policies for when you fall critically ill or suffer an accident. 1 in 2 people born in the UK after 1960 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime.* With the right policy your medical treatment could be paid off, or you could use it to cover the bills if you cannot work.

Your home can also be covered. With the right policies, we could potentially insure everything from the walls to the antique china. Whether it’s an accident, theft or a necessity insisted on by your mortgage lender, we can search for a suitable policy to make sure that the home you are proud of is covered financially.

Insurance is no tangible product, but you can feel the effects of protecting everything you love. Insurance can help remove the weight of the world off your shoulders, giving you some security and peace of mind knowing the worst outcome is covered. As life goes on and your priorities change, insurance can grow to cover exactly what you need, when you need it.

With our help, you can continue your life without worry. Our advisers search for the correct insurance for your circumstances, to make sure that you are suitably covered.

How to get the right Insurance

For you to get reliable, personalised advice on insurance, you simply need to speak to a professional adviser. Everything can be arranged over the phone, or through emails if you prefer. Getting protection is important, so we’re here to help you find insurance in any way that we can.

Our processes ensure that you fully understand and trust the insurance that will be protecting you and your family. We guide you through the entire process until you have the perfect policies for your specific circumstances. As the years go by, we can make sure that your insurance fits your needs, whether that means adjusting the cover or finding new insurance entirely.

We have access to many leading insurers from across the market who offer varying products to cover yourself, your family and your home. As brokers we can often get better deals on insurance for you, and we know exactly where to go for unique circumstances.

Some insurances, like Critical Illness Cover, have improved significantly in recent years. Each time you review, you could find a policy that suits you even better.

Here are just some of the different policies that we can help you with.

For you and your family

For your home

  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Decreasing Life Insurance
  • Family Income Benefit
  • Health Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Medical Conditions Life Insurance
  • Mortgage Life Insurance
  • Over 50s Life Insurance
  • Whole of Life Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Contents Insurance
  • Buildings Insurance
  • Landlord’s Insurance

Existing Medical Conditions?

You might be worried that existing medical condition could mean a straight decline from insurers.

Don’t feel disheartened - after 7 years working in the industry, we are experts at insuring people with existing medical conditions, no matter how severe, we always search every avenue to find you cover. There’s information on the conditions we’ve helped with before on our blog.

What you can achieve

Your own personal insurances will protect your home, your family and yourself from death, accident, sickness or damage.

Peace of Mind. When you find the most suitable policy to protect you from every angle, you can sleep easy. Insurance offers you peace of mind to go about your everyday life without stress and worries from “what if” scenarios.

Financial Security. Insurance pay-outs can provide you with a safety net when you need it most. Whether that means paying for treatment and support when you fall ill, paying off the mortgage if you can no longer work, or providing your family with an income if you were to pass away: you can adapt insurance to cover what you need most.

Affordable Cover. You can get the perfect cover for your home and family without breaking the bank each month. With a wide range of insurers on our panel, we can make sure that any cover you need can fit comfortably within budget.

The key is to get the best level of cover for the lowest and best possible price. No one wants insurance, but nearly all of us need it.

Why we believe in Insurance

We believe insurance can be a life-line for everyday people. It provides you with peace of mind, and creates a financial safety net for the future.

You can see the real benefits of having a safety net below, in Gary and Ed’s stories.

Gary’s Insurance Story

When Gary first got a mortgage as a single man, his immediate concern was covering his income against accident and sickness. If he couldn’t continue his new self-employed work due to a terrible accident or illness, he didn’t want to go to his parents for help paying his mortgage and bills.

We’re sure you know just how stressful becoming self-employed can be. High stress levels could have caused health problems from anxiety to heart attacks, so his next thought was to look into Critical Illness Cover. In case something ever happened to Gary like a heart attack, he wanted to make sure he had choices about his future.

If Gary’s Critical Illness Cover had paid out for a heart attack he would have comfortably been able to pay off the mortgage or afford the best treatment – invaluable help if he was in need. So far Gary has never claimed on his Critical Illness policy, but it gives great peace of mind knowing that safety net is there if needed.

10 years on Gary has moved twice, married and had 2 daughters. He has reviewed, replaced and reshuffled his insurance to match his life as it moves forward.

Insurance changes as your life changes. Gary initially took a policy for 25 years, but when his mortgage increased to 35 years, that policy became insufficient, so it got replaced. Gary has insurance policies for both his daughters, both of which will provide them with cover up to their 21st birthday – the age we hope they are more financially independent.

Insurance is personal: those policies have been made especially to cover what Gary needs. That’s how he’s been giving Insurance advice to people like you for the past 7 years. The team advise you based on your personal circumstances.

The Value of Critical Illness Insurance

Gary’s best friend, Ed, claimed after a holiday gone wrong.

Ed was an 18 stone bodybuilder before the accident, but after he severed his spinal column, he spent the next year in a wheelchair.

Luckily he had Critical Illness Insurance, and a nightmare event was made financially easier. With the money that paid out from the policy, he completely paid off his mortgage.

Words cannot express how much respect we have for Ed. As a person he is no different to pre-accident. He is incredibly inspiring and we are very glad that he took that insurance policy. You can read his complete story on our blog.

Getting Advice

Not sure where to start when it comes to insurance? That’s why we are qualified to guide you through the whole process. From discovering what you value to finding the perfect cover that meets your needs and fits your budget.

We have access to a wide range of leading insurers from across the market. Advice and arrangement of insurance is completely free of charge.

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*Cancer Research UK, //, Accessed November 2016.