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Top 5 Finance Calculators You Must Try

Our top finance calculators are picked by our advisers here at Active Brokers so that you can do some of your own research before you head right into the insurance, property or business industries. From mortgage calculators to figuring out how much you need Critical Illness Insurance these calculators will give you the answers you are looking for!

For Mortgages

This excellent little tool from the UK’s MoneySavingExpert allows you to thoroughly plan and calculate a mortgage. It can help you calculate mortgage overpayments, the cost of monthly mortgage repayments (including interest and other rates), how much you need to save for a deposit. Not only does this finance calculator do that, but it also can help you compare 2 different mortgages and figure out just how much you can borrow. It’s definitely a great starting point if you’re just joining the property market or looking to move and/or sell your family home. The loan repayment calculator in specific is a god-send!

As MoneySavingExpert notes: This information is computer-generated and relies on certain assumptions. It has only been designed to give a useful general indication of costs. So if you want accurate results or professional advice then you only need to message Active Brokers on our website or give us a call on the numbers displayed.


For the Business Owner

LV have created a range of excellent calculators to help you figure out the necessary protection you need to make sure all your assets are covered. Active Brokers recommend that you start with the business risk calculator just so that you know exactly what you’re going to be dealing with. The other finance calculators can help you to calculate how much relevant life cover you need for employees and which of your employees you should cover for Key Persons Insurance. These tools can be used by yourself on behalf of your company – but if you need any help or accurate advice we recommend you call our commercial adviser here at Active Brokers. While LV have the finance calculators, they might not be able to offer you the best price and service for your business, so make sure that you compare the entire market through Active Brokers.


For Life Insurance

A lot of people don’t realise that their health is very important with regards to Life Insurance until they’re ready to buy it. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle you will drastically cut the cost of Life Insurance as well as other long term savings from needing less medical treatment and reduced transport costs. Below you can find a list of some of the best health calculators online to help you really put into perspective how bad or good your health is. Finding this out now will help you to set a realistic budget for your life insurance – generally the more unhealthy you are the more your life insurance premiums will cost.

What’s the age of your heart? NHS

BMI calculator NHS

Where you are on the global fat scale BBC


For Critical Illness Cover

These calculators are great for finding out what your risks are of developing a critical or terminal illness (although they’re not overly accurate, see your doctor if you have concerns or want an accurate analysis). Once you know how likely you are to develop a critical illness in your lifetime you might want to consider a critical illness policy more seriously… Find out information about Critical Illness Insurance here. Active Brokers also suggest you take a look at a Family Income Benefit, Income Protection and Life Insurance to find which personal policy will best suit your circumstances.

A slightly outdated and American website, but still a useful tool: disease risk calculator telling you your risk of cancer, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, emphysema, heart disease, osteoporosis and stroke.


For Loan Repayments

Loan Repayments has the simplest calculator of all those we’ve mentioned – just type in the details and this finance calculator from ThisIsMoney will give you the monthly repayment as well as the total money you’ll pay back including interest overall.

Did you know that Active Brokers now do mortgages? We can help you find your new home, first home or even rent out a home to others. Our in-house mortgage advisers are better than any calculator you can find online. To talk to us you can use the chat function in the bottom left of the window or call us up to chat on 01245 850 150.

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