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The Value of Critical Illness Insurance

From 18 stone bodybuilder to life changing major back surgery followed by 12 months in a wheel chair… would you believe this is my best friend and he is now mortgage free?

Ed life insurance cic

The most recent pic of recovering Ed (left), Tom and best friend Gary (right)

This is my best friend, he was usher at my wedding and his accident was completely out of the blue, luckily he had critical illness insurance and a nightmare event was made financially easier.

I’m 35. I don’t believe I will get a critical illness or that something bad will happen to me. I don’t think that I will need to use my Life Insurance or Critical Illness Insurance, and yet I have it because if something did happen I want to make sure Ayesha, Amelie and Willow can have the same quality of life without me providing for them.

Ed (31) my best friend of almost 10 years thought the same in May 2015 when he was away on holiday with a group of mates (acquaintances of mine hence no invite).

Before my accident I considered cancelling my Life Insurance policy because I thought I would never use it. I’m young, what would I need it for?

I remember about 3pm on the Saturday afternoon I got a phone call saying he was on his way to hospital and didn’t have any feeling below the neck. He needed major back surgery in June 2015.

He had severed his spinal column and had to spend 2 weeks in a Croatian hospital. When he returned he was taken to Stoke Mandeville, a specialist spinal unit. He spent 5 months there and I visited almost every week.

Ed went from 18 stone to 13.5 stone in the space of 5 months.

ed body builder life insurance

Ed (right) the bodybuilder

12 months on and he is close to his original weight, making exceptional progress and has just yesterday been able to stand using his hands without the need for specialist machines. It’s funny because I always thought you needed to be able to have feeling, but that isn’t the case. You just need phenomenal strength to be able to move your legs.

In any case, this is a testament to Ed. He has a powerful mind-set and accepted his situation, at no point did he show any negativity. From seeing him flat out in a hospital bed for weeks, slowly extending his leg out of the wheel chair, returning home in December, to starting the gym again… Words cannot explain how much respect and admiration I have for his strength of character because somehow as a person he is no different to 12 months ago, pre-accident. He is incredibly inspiring!

I helped Ed (then 22) move to his second property in 2007 and insisted he have Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover. Last year he received a lump sum pay out on his Critical Illness under permanent and totally disabled. With this, he cleared his mortgage.

I kept my policy, allowing me to keep my house, rehabilitate back in to work and my social life within my own time, and keep my independence.

Ed will walk again (although he will say ‘might’ and won’t stop trying) and after such a traumatic event he doesn’t have the worry of paying his monthly mortgage now he is back home and working at his old employer 2 days per week. When he walks he will still be mortgage free and his rehabilitation is down only to time.

Back in August, 3 months after the accident, Ed’s solicitor requested the key features relating to his insurance from this point onwards. Because enough tests and medical documents had taken place it was the ideal time to begin assisting with his claim.

Kirby and Lauren began liaising with Friends Life and Stoke Mandeville to ensure all medical reports were chased as we know when chasing refereed medical application they tend to drag their heels.

We made almost 40 calls over 4 months to the hospital and insurer to make sure he had his payout. In February 2016 he finally received his pay out.

If I didn’t have Life Insurance, life would be a lot different. I would have had to sell my house, I would have had to return to work sooner, money would have been more of a priority than my health and rehab.

You may wonder if it’s because he is my friend that we gave him priority, but this isn’t the case. We are here to help you throughout the life of your policy and mortgage. We look after existing customers and value you just as much, if not more, because you have already chosen to work with us.

What would have happened if Ed didn’t have insurance:ed hospital cic

  • Sold his house (luckily he lives in a bungalow) and moved back home with his parents.
  • Moved further away from work, his friends and local town.

Instead he has an asset without a mortgage, one less bill to worry about and can continue to be the absolute legend that he is, working up to taking his first unassisted steps again.

Don’t run the risk of not having insurance, no matter what your age, you never know what is around the corner, freak accidents do happen. Everyone knows someone who has suffered cancer, a stroke or a heart attack: make sure you can life the life you love or close to after suffering an illness/medical condition.

I would recommend Life Insurance to anyone, the price to pay for not having it for you and your family is not worth thinking about – Ed

As you get older insurance becomes more and more expensive. You are paying for peace of mind. Yes, you get nothing at the end of it, but life without insurance can be a hell of a lot worse.

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